Facts on Most Venoms Animals on Earth

Facts on Most Venomous Animals on Earth

Here is a list of animals, snakes, spiders, snails and everything else that spits the most lethal venom on earth.

Cute, furry, and lethal

Platypus is one of the few mammals that produce venom. There are 80 types of toxins in the platypus venom. When in your system, the venom can make you feel nauseated, cause cold sweats and give you excruciating pain that can last for months. Powerful painkillers like morphine cannot provide relief from the pain. 

Also, it’s only male platypus that are venomous, female platypus are not.

Impending doom from Jellyfish Sting

The sting of some box jellyfish can cause the Irukandji syndrome. The victims rarely notice the sting until the symptoms appear. The symptoms begin 30 minutes after exposure. The symptoms include hypertension, anxiety, cardiac arrest, and sometimes, also heart failure. In some cases, the victims drown before they can reach the shore.

Those who make it to the hospital are left with a sensation of “impending doom”. They are so sure they’ll die that they request being killed.

Too shy to bite you

The Inland Taipan Snake is an extremely venomous snake of genus Oxyuranus is found in east-central Australia. Commonly known as the “fierce snake”, It’s so shy and timid that no death has ever been recorded due to its bite. Its venom is so deadly that a single drop of it is enough to kill 100 men.

The most expensive venom

Scorpion venom beats Thailand cobra venom as the costliest liquid on earth. Scorpion venom costs $39 million per gallon

No anti-venom for this one

Cone snails, cone shells, are extremely venomous predatory sea snails. There about 600 species of cone snails. Of these, the geographic cone is the most venomous snail responsible for quite a few human deaths. They only use their venom for their intended prey, but their venom is still fatal to humans. There is no anti-venom known for it yet.

Imagine blood oozing….from every hole

The boomslang snake in Africa is a bright green colored beautiful-looking snake feared for its lethal venom. Its venom prevents your blood from clotting. What’s more, the blood will soon start running out from every hole of your body.

Small is cute and dangerous

The Blue-Ringed Octopus is a cute-looking octopus only the size of a tennis ball. Its venom, however, contains deadly neurotoxins that put a stop to your breathing and cause death.

Stalks you until you die

The Brazilian Wandering Spider can be found inside shoes, clothes and cupboards. Its bite is fatal and it holds the record of most venomous animal in the Guinness World Record, 2007.

Pet it before it’s too poisonous

The poison dart frogs are known for being one of the most poisonous frogs. However, they are not poisonous by nature. The poison in them is collected by the insects it eats in its lifetime. When born, these frogs are not dangerous at all, and can be petted.

Eat it, but with caution

The poison in pufferfish is at least thousand times more dangerous than cyanide. Pufferfish are poisonous but can be eaten. Only a few licensed chefs are allowed to prepare and serve it. 

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