Miracle Temples in Kerala

India is a land of miracles and temples. These miracles act as a foothold of faith for the religious and the spiritual people. Kerala, also known as God’s own country is a land of temples. Here we have made a list of miracle temples in Kerala. These are the temples that might not be world renowned or infamous, but Hindus have strong faith in them for their miracles have done for them what science couldn’t explain.

Miracle holy water from this temple is stronger than any anti-venom

Image credit: keraltemples.info

Holy water from Achankovil Dharma Sasta temple is stronger than any anti-venom that the medical science has ever invented. The injured can either drink the water or put the affected part inside the water and the poison will no longer be effective.

Water from this temple miraculously kills spider venom

Koduman Palliyara Devi temple
Image credit: keralatourism.org

The miracle holy water from Koduman Palliyara Devi temple kills spider venom. Spider sting can elicit extremely poisonous venom. However, Hindu priests believe and also claim to have seen this water cure those suffering from a spider sting.

Sabarimala Temple’s Divine Light, Kerala

Sabarimala Temple’s Divine Light
Image credit: keralatourism.org

Lakhs of pilgrims accumulate every year at Kerala’s Sabarimala temple that is known for its miraculous and divine flame. A divine light shimmers in the night sky to view and see blessings of which pilgrims from across India gather together in the month of January. However, in 2011, it was proved that the light was man-made and wasn’t exactly as divine as the priests claimed.

Miracle Ganesha Temple, Kerala

Achankovil Dharmasastha temple
Illustrative image

Shri Mahadevar Athisaya Temple, also known as Ganesha Temple has an idol of Lord Ganesha that is 23,000 years old! The idol changes color every six months from black to white and vice versa. To top that, the water in the well of the temple also changes to its color to opposite of that of the idol. That is, if the idol is white, the water’s color changes to black and when the idol is black, the water’s color changes to white!

Vegetarian Crocodile in Temple Pond, Kerala

Ananthapuram Mahavishnu Lake Temple
Image credit: keralatourism.org

Ananthapuram Mahavishnu Lake Temple is known for the miracle of the vegetarian crocodile in its pond. It is said that the crocodile guards the temple and is of about 60 years of age. It has also been observed that there is always only one crocodile in the pond. The crocodile only feeds on the food offered to it by the devotees.

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