Mind-Blowing Facts About Alcohol

Mind-Blowing Facts About Alcohol

In Japan, braille is printed on on beer cans so that blind people won’t it with a soft drink.

Mississippi is the only state that allows people to drink alcohol while driving, as long as their blood alcohol level stays below the legal limit.

Heineken created bee bottles that could work as bricks in 1963. This happened when he kept tripping on Curacao Island because of littered Heineken bottle.

When it gets very hot in Australia, the nectar in flowers ferments and turns into alcohol, making the bees drunk. These bees are not allowed in the hive until they get normal.

Chimpanzees when drunk can mistake humans for monkeys and attack them.

Each ‘X’ on alcohol bottle signifies a distillation. Moonshine alcohol jugs have ‘XXX’ marked on them because they need to be distilled 3 times to obtain 100% pure alcohol.

Male fruit flies prefer to get drunk when they are rejected by females.

In accordance with the US Bureau of Alcohol, alcohol used in industries is poisoned to prevent the workers from consuming it.

A man in India once taught a village how to play chess to help them get rid of alcohol and gambling. The entire village is now addicted to playing chess and no longer addicted to alcohol.

Michael Jackson used to request his wine to be served in Diet Coke cans during his flight. He did not want his kids to know he drank alcohol.

Alcohol breath is caused due to alcohol diffusing out from blood in lungs. As long as there is alcohol in your blood, it will keep diffusing and no mouth freshners, or chewing gums can mask alcohol breath when you are breathalyzed by police.

Rich women binge drink more and have more alcohol related problems than poor women, while the opposite is true for men.

Kids who try to act cool in their early teens are more likely to have alcohol problems later in life.

In the British Parliament, the chancellor is allowed to drink alcohol while delivering the annual budget.

A Russian chimp was repeated given alcoholic treats by visitors. He developed addiction to alcohol and had to go to rehab.

In a disease called, gut fermentation syndrome, yeast grows in your digestive system, causing production of alcohol and making you drunk all the time.

Alcohol is a performance enhancing drug for shooters because it relaxes them and lowers their heart rate.

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