Facts About Beethoven

Melodic Facts About Beethoven

1. His first performance was at age of 7. However, his father claimed that he was 6 years old, to build the appearance of having a child of extraordinary calibre.

2. Beethoven never married but fell in love many times. He fell in love with a young countess named Julie Guicciardi, but was forbidden from marrying her as he was a common man. His famous composition Moonlight Sonata is dedicated to her.

3. Beethoven fell in love with Josephine Brunswick, to whom he gave piano lessons. Josephine was was a countess. Due to social obligations, they could never be together. The 13 love letters between them account for their love. They had an illegitimate daughter, Minona. Josephine married Count Joseph Deym.

4. Beethoven’s deafness started at a very early age. His hearing loss was progressive. He started hearing buzzing sounds in his ears at the age of 26 and became completely deaf at the age of 46. None of the doctors could understand the cause of deafness, but some guessed that it could be due to labyrinthitis, or syphilis.

5. He composed one his greatest compositions when he was almost completely deaf. These compositions were the Last Five Piano Sonatas, the Ninth Symphony, the Missa solemnis, and the Last Five String Quartets.

6. Beethoven did not like to play on high stages. He had vertigo due to labyrinthitis.

7. Beethoven was sick very often. He suffered many diseases throughout his life like rheumatism, typhus, skin disorders, inflammatory degeneration of arteries, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, and infections.

8. Beethoven’s father was a musician too. He was an alcoholic and gave Beethoven a hard time during his childhood. He recognized the potential of his child at an early and used to force him to practice playing music nearly all the time. When Beethoven made a mistake, his father would slam the piano cover on his knuckles.

9. Beethoven died of advanced cirrhosis during a thunderstorm and everyone compared this fact to be related with his thunder-like powerful compositions.

10. The Nazis used the 5th. Symphony in the Second World War as a form of code in the transmissions of war. His first musical notes were equivalent in Morse code to the letter “V” of the victory.

11. Before composing, Beethoven used to dip his head in cold water to get himself inspired.

12. Beethoven met Mozart when he was seventeen. Mozart was rarely impressed by the young musicians he met, but he was impressed by Beethoven.

13. Beethoven was totally deaf at the premiere of the 9th Symphony. He used to scream his symphonies and bang hard on pianos so that he could hear them.

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