Mad Facts About Nicolas Cage

Mad Facts About Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has bought his own grave, which is a nine-foot-tall pyramid in a centuries-old cemetery in New Orleans. Many tourists visit his grave already. On the grave, it is written, “omnia ab uno”, which means “Everything from One”.

Nicolas Cage refused to star in Dumb and Dumber movie in 1994 and decided to do a small movie instead. The movie was Leaving Las Vegas, for which he earned the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Nicolas Cage beat Leonardo DiCaprio in bidding for a 70 million-year-old dinosaur skull. However, he later realized that the skull was stolen from Mongolia and returned the skull to Mongolia.

Nicolas Cage and Charlie Sheen were once traveling together. Nicolas used the passenger addressing system in a flight to say that he was the pilot and was not feeling well. The pilot was furious when the flight landed and the police were ready to arrest him. What he didn’t know was that Charlie Sheen was carrying Class A drugs with him. Nicolas somehow managed to talk his way out of the situation.

Once, a mentally imbalanced man entered Nicolas Cage’s home. The man wore nothing but a leather jacket and was eating a fudgesicle. Cage never lived in that house again. He didn’t press charges against the man because the man had mental issues.

In 2013, Nicolas Cage won China’s ‘Best Global Actor Award’.

A man from Seattle claimed that Nicolas Cage was a vampire and that he had his photo from 1870, clicked in Tennessee. He tried selling the photo for $1 million on eBay.

Nicolas Cage gave the start to Johnny Depp in movies. Johnny Depp was a guitar player when Cage encouraged him to appear for an audition.

Nicolas Cage ate magic mushrooms with his cat. It was his cat that began it by sneaking into the fridge. Later Cage joined the cat.

Cage owned a pet octopus who according to him helped him act well. The octopus was worth $150,000.

Nicolas Cage was offered the role of New in The Matrix trilogy. 

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