25 trivial facts about brazil

Interesting Trivia about Brazil

  1. Brazil is best known for several things like football, beaches, christ the redeemer and many more. Here’s a list of interesting trivia about Brazil that you’ll be surprised to know about. Did you know that Brazil is the provider of more than 80% of world’s coffee? Read on to know more!
  2. Brazil has the best beach in the world. The beach’s name is Baia do Sancho. This beach is so loved because it’s an archipelago of 21 islands that draws divers from across the world to see the underwater world of whales, turtles, anemones and clownfish.
    Best beach in the world 25 trivial facts about brazil
  3. The motto of Brazil is “Ordem e Progresso” and its meaning is “order and progress”. Brazilians have a positive outlook towards life and Brazil has been recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world.
  4. Brazil is the four time champion of future happiness index. In the survey, Brazilians rated their expected level of happiness in the year 2015 higher than all 155 other countries surveyed.
  5. Brazil’s highest mountain peak was discovered as late as in 1965. This was so because the peak was always covered with clouds. The name of the peak is Pico da Neblina (Mist Peak) and has the height of 9823 feet (2994 metres).
  6. Brasilia, the country’s capital is among the fastest cities built in the world. The capital city was built from 1956 to 1960 and took just 41 months to complete its construction. The capital of Brazil before this was Rio de Janeiro.
  7. Brazil has a rich history of multi-cultural visitors. After the second world war, a significant number of Nazis took refuge in Brazil.
  8. Brazil has also been home to greatest number of Japanese ancestory in the world that is outside Japan. The country also has a significant population of people from Lebanese or Syrian descent.
  9. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of coffee and supplies more than 80% of the world’s coffee.
    Best coffee - 25 trivial facts about brazil
  10. Brazil has accredited to its name extremely long traffic jams. In November 2013, Sao Paulo witnessed a traffic jam that was 192 mi (309 Km) long.
  11. The most common surnames in Brazil are Silva, Santos and, Souza.
  12. Brazil once had the world’s largest open-air garbage dump that was closed down in 2012 owing to better cleanliness practices being imposed.
  13. Brazil is known for being the originator of Samba music.
    samba music - 25 trivial facts about brazil
  14. As many as 180 languages are spoken in Brazil.
  15. Although Brazil is located in the Southern Hemisphere, but certain parts of the country are located in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that while the parts in northern hemisphere are experiencing winter, the parts in southern hemisphere are experiencing summer.
  16. Citizens of Brazil usually own more than one cellphone. In a survey, it was found that the number of cellphones used is 41% more than the number of people in Brazil.
  17. Brazil is the world’s second largest market in the world for social media sites like Facebook and, Youtube. The very first social media site, Orkut also had a huge market in Brazil.
  18. Brazilians take more showers than anyone else in the world that is 12 showers per week.
    Most number of showers - 25 trivial facts about brazil
  19. Brazil was a participant of the Triple Alliance War between Brazil, Argentina and, Uruguay. This war was the bloodiest war ever fought in Latin America.
  20. The 1864-1870 War of the Triple Alliance, fought by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay against Paraguay, was the deadliest and bloodiest war in the history of Latin America
  21. Brazil is the second largest market in the world for Facebook and Youtube, and in the top 5 in the world for Twitter
  22. The hand gesture of ‘OK’ commonly used around the world is used for an offensive word in Brazil and should be avoided.
    hand gesture 25 trivial facts about brazil
  23. Another interesting trivia about Brazil is that Brazil’s Economy is larger than that of Great Britain’s.
  24. Brazil has second highest number of airports in the world, that is more than the airports of entire EU combined!
  25. The number of highways in Brazil are way more than that of Canada even though Canada is larger in size.

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