Interesting Gene Mutations in Humans

Interesting Genetic Mutations in Humans

The gene mutation in dogs that makes them so friendly and social is the same gene mutation that causes Williams Syndrome in humans. People with this syndrome show hypersocial behaviors along with lower than average intelligence.

In a rare mutation, the bones of some people can become 8 times denser than normal bones. The resulted strong bones are rarely fractured even in bad accidents. At the same time, these superdense bones prevent the people from being able to swim.

The Bajau people can stay underwater for as long as 13 minutes due to a gene mutation. The PDE10A gene gives them a larger spleen, which provides them with more capacity for oxygenated red blood cells.

About 5-10% of Melanesians living in the Easter Pacific island have dark skin and blond hair. They are not related to Europeans in any way, but are distinctive. This is due to a mutation in gene TYRP1.

Our ability to drink milk today comes from a genetic mutation that began somewhere near modern-day Turkey. Until 10,000 BC, all the humans were lactose intolerant. 

Ozzy Osbourne managed to survive even after heavy drug use and drinking due to a gene mutation. The doctors that analysed his genes said that he has some genetic mutations they had never seen before. Also that he is more likely to experience hallucinations on taking in marijuana due to the same mutations.

The black plague of Europe ended up yielding a genetic mutation known as CCR-Ä32 that makes about 10% of Europeans resistant to HIV. As a result of this genetic mutation, the virus cannot penetrate and compromise the immune system.

A genetic mutation, hDEC2 allows people to do with just a few hours of sleep. It is present in just 1-3% of the population.

All the people with blue eyes are related. They can be traced back to having a single common ancestor. The blue eyes are the result of a mutation that occurred 6,000 to 10,000 years ago before which all the humans had brown eyes.

Red haired people require larger amount of anesthetics because of a genetic mutation that makes them more sensitive to pain. The same mutation also makes less sensitive to pain induced electrically.

Elizabeth Taylor was best known for her beautiful eyes. Her eyes were a result of a rare genetic mutation, which gave her double eyelashes.

A mutation in some women gives them the 4 color cone in their eyes. As a result, they can see millions of more colors than normal humans.

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