Facts About The Quapaw Tribe

Interesting Facts About The Quapaw Tribe

The Quapaw Tribe (“Ugahxpa” in Quapaw language) is a Native American tribe that used to live near the confluence of Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers, majorly in 4 villages along the Mississippi River. Today, most of the Quapaw Tribe live in the northeast of Oklahoma. They are recognized by the federal government as the Quapaw Tribe of Indians. Explore more facts about the Quapaw Tribe in this article.

Where did the Quapaw Indians live?

The Quapaw Indians were first found by the French Explorers in 1673 during an expedition by Marquette and Joliet. The French explorers and Quapaws had friendly relations.

Quapaw Indians were located majorly in 4 villages by the confluence of rivers Arkansas and Mississippi. The Quapaw villages were – Kappa, Tongigua and Tourima.

It is believed that the Quapaw Tribe had moved from the Ohio River valley to the region of the confluence of the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers.

The state of Arkansas gets its name from “Quapaw”, which were known by other Native Americans by names of “Akansa” or “Akansea” which means “land of people downstream.”

What language did the Quapaw speak?

The Quapaws used to speak their local language “Quapaw”, which is a Dhegiha Siouan language family. The Quapaw language has almost vanished. Although, some of the young people of the tribe today are once again trying to learn their mother tongue language.

Quapaw Festivals and Rituals

The Quapaw tribe of Native Americans who traditionally resided on the west side of the Mississippi River

The Quapaw tribe celebrate with an annual dance, “Powwow” on every 4th of July. This day is celebrated with traditional war dances and dances that were once believed to cure diseases.

The Quapaw cultural festivities take place all around the year. One can witness them in the tribal museum. Their activities include dice games, traditional music, flute lessons, finger knitting, and language lessons.

What did Quapaw Tribe live in?

The Quapaws lived in houses made of wood, rivercane or vines covered with a plaster of a thatched roof. Although they traveled a lot, but preferred to stay in one place and practice agriculture. Their houses are similar to that of the South-eastern tribes.



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