Interesting Black Hole Facts

Interesting Black Hole Facts for the Nerd in You

Read on for awesome black hole facts for the nerd in you.

Black holes are smaller than we think. The radius of a typical black hole is only about 30 kilometers. . If our sun were to shrink into a black hole, it would only have a radius of 3 kilometers. The current radius of the sun is 700,000 kilometers.

There is a super massive black hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy. It is 4 million times more massive than the sun and had the width of 24 million kilometers. It located in the region called Sagittarius A.

The black hole nearest to the Earth is Cygnus X-1, located 8,000 light years away. It it were to swallow Earth, it will have to be only 21 kilometers away from Earth.

Black holes actually glow faintly. This was discovered by Stephen Hawking in 1976. This radiation emitted by the black holes is called Hawking Radiation.

The black holes were first suggested by Mathematician, Pierre Laplace in 1796. His theory was that there could be an object that could even capture light.

Could black hole be a way to a parallel universe?

In many fictions, the black hole is often said to be a way into the parallel universes. Among these was Interstellar that black holes are worm holes. But whenever we go near black holes, weird things like distortion of time and space do happen.

What if black holes collide?

When two black holes collide, they send ripples space that travel through the gravitational waves of the universe at the speed of light.

The first image of a black hole was recently captured.

The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration captured the first ever image of a black hole. The black hole itself wasn’t obviously captured because it reflects or emits no light. The picture captured the light enveloping the black hole. This image captured the photon ring that can orbit the black hole without falling in. The light enveloping the black hole let us see the silhouette of the black hole.

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