Incredibly True Facts About Steve Jobs

Incredibly True Facts About Steve Jobs

When Jobs and Wozniak made the game Breakout for Atari, Jobs lied to Wozniak and said that Atari gave him $700, however, Atari had given Jobs $5000. Wozniak could only take home $350 because of Job’s lie.

When Apple gave employee numbers, Steve Jobs was offended that Apple gave him employee number 2 and Wozniak got employee number 1. Steve Jobs took #0 instead.

Steve Jobs didn’t know his biological father. He often went to his restaurant in San Jose and even shook his hand without knowing that he was his biological father. His father had given him away for adoption.

The manager at Atari moved Steve Jobs to work night shifts because of complaints on his bad body odor and poor hygiene. Steve Jobs took an entirely fruit diet hoping that it would not generate any biological enzymes that lead to body odor. Apparently, he was wrong.

An Italian clothing company named their company ‘Steve Jobs’ after they found out that the name ‘Steve Jobs’ wasn’t trademarked.

The very first call made through an Apple iPhone was made by Steve Jobs to Starbucks as a prank. He ordered 4,000 lattes, and said, “just kidding”.

Steve Jobs chose the name “Apple” because it appeared before Atari (his previous workplace) in the phonebook. Further he only had a night’s time to decide the company’s name.

The Apple logo was removed from Mac keyboards because Steve Jobs thought it was an over-use of the logo.

According to Jobs, it was ergonomically horrible idea to make the touchscreen PC because it would fatigue the arms of the user because of no arm rest available.

Steve Jobs rests in an unmarked grave.

Due to his fruitarian diet, Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. Ashton Kutcher, who played Steve Jobs for the movie also got pancreatic cancer after following a fruitarian diet.

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