How will Life Look Like 100 Years From Now – Earth in 22nd Century

Stephen Hawking has warned that if we don’t colonize another planet within the next 100 years, Homo Sapiens will be extinct.

The Positives

Assuming that things go well, here’s how the technology will further enhance the quality of our lives. By saying, “Things go well”, I mean that many lives will still be lost, but here’s a list of some positives in the lives of those Homo Sapiens that, in the year 2118, will be living on Mars.

Inter-planetary Travel Destinations

International travel, exploring new continents and their culture is the trend the Martian humans will read about in their History class. The Martian humans will save up for inter-planetary travel destinations, and surely one their destinations might include earth too.

Agencies for Cheap Space Travel

The dream of owning a Lamborghini will be transformed into the dream of owning your own spacecraft to fly around and travel to different planets. Until the time you reach that stage, there will be agencies that offer cheap space travel.

3D Printed Homes

There’s no need to second guess this one. You tell your needs to the machine, it shows you several designs to choose from, you choose your favorite and then you hit the print button. Simple!

Designer Babies

CRISPR and Cas9 will help you design a baby of your choice, with the desired traits and characteristics, not just hair and complexion, but also you can choose whether you want an artist or a mathematician.

Superfast Transport

We’re already on our way to designing technology for superfast transport for the future. Hyperloop is one of them, and there’s several more to come. Because wasting time in traveling is just pointless.

Learn from Mistakes

Hopefully, humans will learn from the mistakes they made and learn to create sustainable technology. And humans will live on for centuries more to come. Hopefully, they’ll save dogs too, because humans can’t survive without dogs!

The Negatives

Now, considering that humans didn’t make it to Mars, or perhaps, only a couple of “rich” humans made to Mars, these are the repercussions that the earthlings will have to face.

4 million people living near coastal regions will be displaced

Highly obvious, global warming will increase the ocean levels, and the people living near the coastal areas will have to evacuate to make space for oceans to expand, or better – to save their lives.

Days will be 50% hotter

A study suggests that the days will be 50% hotter and the rising temperatures would heat up the oceans, and destroy coral reefs completely

40% of the land will suffer from drought

Studies suggest that 40% of the land will suffer from drought, but it could be lesser if we take measures.

More natural disasters

There’s already an observable and significant rise in the natural disaster we’re hit we with each passing year. With the temperature rising, there’ll be more fire accidents, forest fires. Additionally, Blizzards, Floods, and more will visit us frequently- we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Ecosystem’s carrying capacity will exhaust and the law of “Survival of the Fittest” will come into play

The earth has a certain carrying capacity. As the population keeps on rising, the Earth will show opposition by killing a handful of humans with natural disasters, or humans will simply run out of basic necessities like food and water. That’s when Darwin’s Law of Survival of the Fittest will come into play. By “fittest”, this time it would mean the “wealthiest” or the “brainiest”. The “wealthiest and the brainiest” will evacuate to Mars and the second “wealthiest and the brainiest” will somehow manage to survive on earth. And I don’t think there’s a 3rd position here. Time to remember everything Bear Grylls ever taught.

Here’s an advice from me – stop reproducing like an animal!

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