Heroic Tales from the Holocaust

Heroic Tales from the Holocaust

A fake syndrome: Syndrome K

When Jews in Nazi-occupied Italy fled to a hospital to seek shelter, the doctors at the hospital made up a fake disease called Syndrome K. The doctors declared Syndrome K patients should be quarantined. The Nazis stayed away when the doctors told them the disease was deadly, disfiguring, and highly contagious. The Italian doctors ended up saving quite a few jew lives.

Further, the doctors taught the children to cough in a specific way to ward off an approaching Nazi soldier.

A fake Typhus epidemic

Polish doctors, Eugene Lazowski and Stanisław Matulewicz created a fake Typhus epidemic. Eugene used a vaccine that consisted of the dead Typhus bacteria. That made the subject test positive. The scared Nazis quarantined the entire area around the town of Rozwadów. No German would ever enter that zone out of fear of the disease. This helped save the lives of 8,000 Jews, but also risked the life of Eugene, since helping Jews was punishable by death.

French Muslims saved the lives of Iranian Jews

The Muslims in “Grande Mosquée de Paris” saved many Jewish. Benghabrit was a rector and head imam at the mosque. Since the jews looked the same and also spoke the same language, he proved their roots to be Muslim by forging documents. He ended up saving thousands of Jewish lives.

The anti-Nazi brother of Hitler’s Second in Command

Albert Göring was the brother of an important Nazi, who helped save many Jews during WWII. He forged the signature of his brother Hermann Göring, joined a group of Jewish women who were forced to scrub the street and participated in several Anti-Nazi acts. 

However, after the war was over, he was hated because of his last name. He was even arrested for being a Nazi supporter by the Czech and the Americans. 

The Muslim family that saved a Jewish family was saved by the Jewish family 50 years later

A Muslim family took into their home a Jewish family whose home had been destroyed during the Nazi bombing raid in Yugoslavia in 1941. The Jewish family hid behind the closet while the German soldiers searched the home of the Muslim family. When another war hit Yugoslavia, the Muslim family hid in their basement and had lost all hope. The Jewish family contacted a journalist to help them find their savior friends. This was when an Israeli journalist covering the war searched and reached out to the Muslim family. With the help of Israel’s Prime Minister, the Muslim family was saved from the war-held country.

A Polish Catholic, Irena Sendlerowa saved 2,500 Jewish children during WWII. She was recognized in 1965 as the Righteous Among Nations.

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