Halloween Symbols and Their Spooky Meanings

Halloween Symbols and Their Spooky Meanings

Halloween is the favorite holiday of almost every kid and even adults. It’s playful, traditional and has a spooky factor to it. All the interesting costumes and candy make it a lot more fun. But did you know the meaning behind all the spooky stuff related to Halloween? Here’s what different Halloween symbols mean –


Pumpkins are used to make spooky decorative motifs. A diabolic expression is carved on to the emptied hollow pumpkins and a light or a candle is placed inside.

The tradition of lighting hollow carved pumpkins has its origin in Ireland. There was a miscreant named Jack O’ in Ireland who caught the devil by trickery and let him go on a condition that the devil would never bother him again. When Jack died, he was not accepted by God in heaven and neither did the devil accept him in hell. Instead, the devil gave him a beet and a burning ember so that he could roam in the dark.

The beets were replaced by pumpkins due to their abundance in the U.S. And this is why pumpkins are called “Jack O’Lanterns”.


Broomsticks are a symbol of feminine power that cleans up negativity from life. Broomsticks also have a sexual meaning behind them. In fact, witches have been known to ride not just brooms but also forks or a cupboard.

Black cats:

Since ancient times black cats have a reputation of demonic beings who bring bad luck. They are believed to be a close acquaintance of evil witches or the witches themselves disguised as black cats

People in the ancient times feared black cats so much that they burned alive groups of black cats.


The candles are symbolic of the souls. Candles are used to illuminate the path so that the spirits of the dead can come back on the Halloween night to visit their relatives.

Ghosts and skulls

The ghosts are the symbols of the dead who roam the earth on Halloween night. The skulls represent the death. The ghosts and the skulls together represent the afterlife.

Spiders and cobwebs

Spiders are closely connected with the witches. There is even a myth that says that if you see many spiders in your home on Halloween, then you will soon see a witch knock your door!

As per some superstitions, spiders can also bring good luck. Spiders are said to be the weavers of destiny. Seeing a spider could also mean a lot of wealth coming your way.


Dark nocturnal creatures, bats are believed to have a close association with vampires and the world of darkness. Ancient folklore also mentions that vampires can turn into bats.

Masks and costumes

Spooky masks and costumes mark the spirit of Halloween. Although, traditionally, they are believed to protect from ghosts, witches, and vampires. They serve as an excellent disguise.


Nocturnal birds, owls are considered lucky. As per the myth, the hooting of the owls drives away evil dark forces.

Halloween colors

Halloween is predominantly associated with three colors – orange, purple and black. The orange color is linked with the pumpkins and is symbolic of energy and vitality. The purple symbolizes dark magic. While black is associated with evil and darkness.

Trick or treat

Trick or treat is a joke played during Halloween since the ninth century. As a part of this ritual, people used to make “soul cakes” with dough and gooseberry to give to the dressed up children who knocked their doors. In exchange, the children gave them blessings





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