Halloween Facts and Myths

Weird and Fun Halloween Myths

Evil Spirits, black cats, graveyards and what not. Superstitions are invoked by fear of ghosts and evil spirits. Halloween especially is that spooky time of the year when people pursue these weird superstitions. Halloween is celebrated warding off of evil. We know where it originated from and why we celebrate it. Those are the facts. However, still there are number of myths associated with the festival. Many of them come from the Celtic roots. Let’s take a look at some of the Halloween facts and myths.

The lighting of candles is traditional at this time of the year. A myth says that if a candle flame suddenly turns into blue, it means that a ghost is nearby. A candle flame that goes out suddenly is also considered a sign of ghost or spirit nearby.

It is said that touching wood, for example, brings good luck.

Turning your pockets over in front of a graveyard is supposed to prevent the spirit of a ghost from taking place there.

Legend has it that taking bread with you to give it to an angry spirit can soothe it.

To chase down the evil spirits of your home, superstition says to go around your house in reverse in the opposite direction of the clock before the sunset. It is also said that having nuts and apples in one’s household can help in hunting evil spirits.

You can light a candle in a “Jack O Lantern” to keep spirits and demons at bay.

Bats are the winged mammals have inspired many superstitions at the time of Halloween.

If a bat that enters the house is a sign that a living ghost in the house has let the bat in.

Seeing a bat on Halloween night is considered a bad omen. And if the bat flies 3 times around your house, it’s an omen of death.

Like bats, black cats are considered omens for many superstitious people. Black cats have been associated with witches and bad luck since the Middle Ages.

It is even said that the witches were able to change into a black cat and thus crossing a black cat was crossing a witch. Tradition says that a black cat crossing your path is a sign of bad luck, but in today’s modern world, such an event is considered a sign of luck in some parts of the world.

Some Weird Halloween Facts and Myths

Halloween Facts and Myths

It is said that a child born on Halloween night has the gift of seeing and communicating with the deceased.

One should not sweep the entrance to his door on Halloween night and throw it out under penalty of sweeping at the same time the happiness of his house!

It is said that eating an apple at midnight in front of his mirror will reveal the face of their beloved.

If you see a spider on Halloween night, it could be the spirit of a loved one watching you.

It is said that if you put your clothes upside down and walk backwards on Halloween night you will meet a witch.

And finally, it is also said that if you are walking in the evening and hear someone walking behind you, then they could be the footsteps of death, and if you turn to look, you will join be joined by death.

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