Ghost Facts to Keep You Company on a Lonely Night

No two ghosts are the same

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Ghosts are basically dead people. And most people are good people. So don’t assume that all ghosts are bad. Most ghosts are just ghosts, while the bad ghosts are called “Demons”, which are very rare.

Types of ghosts

As per Ghostbusters Wikia ghosts can be classified into 7 types

  • Class I: Underdeveloped ghosts
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    They usually show their presence in spectral light, voices, sounds, etc.

  • Class 2: Can manipulate objects
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    They are capable of flying your sheets off. Their form is incomplete and can show up as moving lips, hands, etc. If you hit them, they’ll hit you back.

  • Class 3: Have a personality
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    They are not successful in manifesting their original “when they were alive” identity, but they have a personality. They can be harmful if they want.

  • Class 4: Have a distinct identity
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    They have a distinct personality of the person “when they were alive”.

  • Class 5: Non-human forms
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    They are basically produced as a side-effect of emotions or a ritual practice.

  • Class 6: Non-human forms
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    They usually show up in the form of animals.

  • Class 7: Vicious Demons
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    They can be significantly dangerous.

Some Ghosts do not know that they are ghosts

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Usually, you’d see them as people minding their own business and doing their work. They might even talk to you unaware of the fact that they’re dead.

Ghosts can take advantage of their reputation

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Ghosts are well aware of the fact that humans are scared to death of them. Ghosts that do not have the capability to inflict harm can manipulate people into killing themselves, that too just for fun, on the days when they are bored.

Ghosts outnumber living people by unimaginably huge numbers

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Well, assuming that ghosts only came into existence after life did. This means that every living being that ever existed is dead. Not all of them find the ultimate exit. So, it’s quite possible that you living people are outnumbered to a great extent by the ghosts of the dead people.

Let’s just hope they don’t get inspired by “Rise of the Planet of Apes”.

Hospitals are most likely to be visited by ghosts

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Not just because of all the people that die there, but because hospitals are places where life and death is an ever-going process. Such large-scale life and deaths attract the ghosts to hospitals.

Tips to talk to a ghost

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  • Get an Ouija Board.
  • Make sure there are no disturbances – either sound or light or movement.
  • Make up your mind. You can do this by the good arranging candles. This doesn’t necessarily aid in talking to the ghost, but just helps you set your mind.
  • Don’t make the ghost uncomfortable by asking how did they die, or how will you die.
  • Don’t get fooled by the ghost. Be clever!
  • Say hi and bye both, just like you would to a human.

What to do after reading this article

Ghost Facts

  • Buy an Ouija Board and ask your friend to accompany while you summon a ghost.
  • Share this nonsense with your friend.
  • Make a pact with a poltergeist to disrupt the life of your most organised friend.
  • Make friends with a lonely ghost and tuck it in with you in your blanket.
  • Knit socks for your newly made ghost friend.


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