facts about sweden

Fun Facts About Sweden

1. Stockholm once started a camera lottery campaign. If people drove within the speed limit they’d enter a lottery and win prizes that come from fines paid by drivers driving at high speeds. This resulted in 22% reduction in average driving speed in Stockholm.

2. Sweden is the world’s second largest exporter of paper. Despite this, the country has increasing forest biomass because they plant 3 trees for each tree they cut down.

3. In Sweden, everyone has the right to peacefully enjoy nature anywhere by camping, hiking, biking or anything else as long as you do not enter someone’s house or disturb their a private garden. It is called the right to “allemansrätten”.

4. Monty Python’s movie “Life of Brian” was marketed in Norway as “The film so funny that it was banned in Norway”.

5. In the 1912 Olympics, Sweden was among the only two countries that participated in Tug-of-War and won a Gold medal.

6. As per the exact definition of “Third World Countries”, Sweden is a third world country because it is neither aligned with the NATO nor the communist bloc. The countries aligned with NATO were called the first world countries and the communist bloc countries were called the second world countries.

7. You can win a free trip from the US to Sweden on purchasing a Volvo and tour the factory your Volvo was made in. 

8. The Queen of Sweden hired Descartes as a tutor and ordered him to give philosophy lessons at 5 in the morning. Within a year, Descartes died of pneumonia.

9. It is a 50-year-old tradition in Sweden to watch Donald Duck cartoon on Christmas Eve. Almost half the Swedish population tunes in to watch a special Donald Duck episode at 3 pm on Christmas Eve.

10. Students in Sweden are paid $187 every month to attend high school.

11. Sweden imports 80,000 tons of garbage each year from Norway to keep its recycling units running.

12. There’s a man called Sweden’s Hannibal Lecter who was later learned to be not a psychopath serial killer but a manipulative liar that convinced the authorities that he was.

13. The royal family of Sweden has its origins in France. A French commoner worked for Napoleon Bonaparte, gradually rose in ranks and was randomly chosen to become the kind of Sweden.

14. When Sweden declared homosexuality as an illness, the Swedish protested by calling in sick and saying “they were feeling a bit homosexual”.

15. Sweden has employed an LED sign of a gay sailor underwater to discourage Russian submarines from entering.

16. In a residential area near Stockholm University, there is a tradition of screaming through open windows at 10 pm every Tuesday. It is said that it relieves university exam stress.

17. The official Twitter account of Sweden is handled by a random Swedish citizen.

18. Sweden has won a medal in every Olympic game since 1908. This includes both winter and summer games.

19. In Sweden, you can agree to someone talking by sucking in air to avoid interrupting them.

20. Norway, Sweden, and Finland together are called Fennoscandia. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are together called Scandinavia.

21. Sweden has the world’s largest Solar System model with Sun’s diameter 110 meters and Pluto situated 300 km away from it.

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