Fun Facts About The Simpsons

Fun Facts About the Simpsons

Animal rights activist, Paul McCartney, agreed to appear on The Simpsons on a condition that Lisa would become a vegetarian in the episode and would remain so permanently. So, he was the the reason Lisa is a vegetarian.

There is a clause in the contract between The Simpsons and the broadcasting network that they can’t make any cuts or tweaks in the episodes. This how the producers freely mock the broadcaster FOX itself.

A movement to rename the Australian Dollar to “dollarydoo” began after the broadcast of The Simpsons episode. Many people in Australia believe that it will impact the Australian economy positively because there will be an increase in demand of the currency.

Most of the characters in The Simpsons are named after Matt Groening’s family members. He didn’t want to name the Grandpa in The Simpsons after his own grandfather, Abraham and left it to other members to decide the name. They also happened to choose Abraham. They didn’t know his grandfather’s name was Abraham.

In 1997, Pepsi hosted a contest n which the prize was a life-size replica of The Simpsons house or a cash amount of $75,000. The winner chose the cash. Pepsi had renovate the house to look like a regular home and resell it at a loss.

Sam Simon, the co-creator of the Simpsons, left most of his fortune to animal charity and feeding the hungry before he died of cancer in 2015.

George Takei was offered to appear in a Simpsons episode, “Marge vs. the monorail”, but he refused because he did not want to make fun of the public transportation. He was one of the board of directors at Southern California Rapid Transit District.

When Michael Jackson appeared in the show, he voiced his own character, but did not sing because of contractual restrictions. An imitator sang on his behalf.

The record of longest running cartoon series is not held by The Simpsons, but by Sazae-san, a Japanese series, which has more than 7,000 episodes and has been running since 1969.

Once a 10 year old boy saved his friend from choking by performing Heimlich maneuver which he learnt from The Simpsons Episode of Homer at the Bat.

Marge has such hair to conceal her mega rabbit ears. It was planned to reveal this joke in the final episode.

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