Fascinating Facts About Marine Creatures

Fascinating Facts About Marine Creatures

Sea otters have pockets in which they put their favorite rocks. Whenever they need to feed, they use the rock to break clams and shellfish.

Male otters often bite the females while mating on their nose to keep them in position. This is why many female sea otters have pink noses.

Horseshoe crabs blood is widely used by humans to know if medicines are safe for human use. Their blood is used to test for bacterial contamination.

The blood of a horseshoe crab is blue in color because it has copper instead of iron as the carrier of oxygen. We humans have haemoglobin, and the horseshoe crab has hemocyanin.

The Japanese spider crab can grow to be larger than human beings.

The blue whale is currently the largest animal on earth. It is also the largest known animal to have ever existed on the earth.

Ants kill four times more people than sharks do each year.

If Finding Nemo was made as per the traits of Finding Nemo, Nemo’s dad would have changed his sex to female after the mother’s death and mated with the next male in the family, meaning Nemo.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is under threat by a venomous star fish known as Crown of Thorns Starfish. To curb the growing population of this starfish, the scientists made a robot that hunts down these fish by giving them a shot of bile.

Cuttlefish has three hearts. Both cuttlefish and octopus are color blind but can change their color to that of their surroundings.

When young, each dolphin develops its unique whistle that gives the dolphin its identity. As they grow up, dolphins learn to mimic each other’s whistle and call each other out by using their unique whistle.

The blood of an eel is extremely poisonous, but cooking it destroys the poison. Even if you ingest the blood raw, your digestive system will make the poison harmless.

The brain of a Giant Squid is shaped like a doughnut through the middle of which passes its esophagus/food pipe. If the giant squid swallows eats something too big, it can hurt its brain.

There a jellyfish species whose sting causes the victim to become extremely depressed with a sensation of impending doom. Most patients beg for their death. It can take several days to be completely cured of this depressive phase.

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