Facts About Spider-Man

Fantastic Facts About Spider-Man

Mary Jane  got cancer because of Spider-Man’s radioactive sperm.

The global licensing revenue of Spider-Man is greater than that of Superman, Batman and Avengers combined.

Once James Cameron wrote a script of Spider-Man in the early 90s. As per the script, it would have starred Leonardo Dicaprio as Peter Parker and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doctor Octopus

The only right way to spell Spider-Man is to include a hyphen between spider and man because he is half of both spider and man.

Spiderman is a half-mutate and half-man. Mutate is someone given powers through external means unlike a mutant who is born with special powers.

In 1998, Sony could have bought every Marvel character for 25 million USD. Instead, Sony only bought the rights to Spider-Man, saying, “Nobody gives a shit about the other Marvel characters.”

Michael Jackson was so interested in playing Spider-Man that he tried to buy Marvel Comics in early 1990s. He even asked help from Stan Lee, saying if he bought Marvel someday, “Will you help me run it, won’t you?”

As per the comic, Spider-Man once gave birth to himself. The Queen rapes spiderman and makes him pregnant despite of him being a male. Spiderman starts having seizures and dies. Peter Parker rises from the spiderman’s remains.

Spider-Man’s address exists in real life. He grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills, Queens. The family that lives there is also called the Parkers.

Spider-Man once used his ability to stick to surfaces to rip-off a woman’s face.

Gwen Stacy wasn’t supposed to die in the Spider-Man comics. Stan Lee was in a hurry and told his writers to do whatever they wanted. When he returned, he found that the writers had killed Gwen.

The villian in Spider-Man comic, The Thousand, Carl King copied Peter Parker and ate a radioactive spider. This turned him into a swarm of 1,000 spiders that lived under the skin of the host and ate the host inside out.

Marvel Comics launched Spider-Man in India. Peter Parker was called Pavitr Prabhakar, Mary Jane was called Meera Jain and Aunt May was called Aunty Maya.

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