Facts about zero gravity

Facts About Zero Gravity

“Zero Gravity” is a state when we cannot feel our weight. It could be because of two reasons. 1. We are at a place where there is no gravitational force acting upon us. 2. We are free falling. A good example would be being in an elevator that is going down, or a high speed roller coaster that is going down. Chances are less of you being at a place where there is no gravity, unless you are at the International Space Station, or are in a “no-gravity simulation” created on earth. Let’s find out more cool facts about zero gravity.

There are many ways to experience zero gravity

It is not necessary for you to travel to space to know how zero gravity feels like. Some places and ways where you can get an experience of zero gravity are – roller coaster rides, riding a plane, diving underwater, free falling, etc.

An excellent example of experiencing zero gravity is the Vomit Comet. The vomit comet is an aircraft designed to provide a zero gravity experience to the astronauts. It dives and rises so as to create brief spells of zero gravity inside the aircraft.

So what is the logic behind feeling weightless while you are still on earth?

This happens when the upward and the downward forces acting on your body weight are balanced.

That is, when you’re falling down, two forces are acting on your body, the first is inertia and the second is the gravitational pull. While the inertia wants you to stay in the same position, hence it is an upward acting force. On the other hand, the gravitational pull is downward acting force, as we know very well. At a certain speed and a certain time, both the forces are equal, that is when you feel weightless. Cool, isn’t it?

Here is how NASA Creates Zero Gravity

Living in zero gravity can cause muscle loss and weak bones. This is why astronauts are first accustomed to living in zero gravity. The same is done through the vomit comet.

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