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Facts About Wonder Woman

Wonder woman as one of the three pillars of the DC Comics and also one of the greatest symbols of feminism. The latest movie on Wonder Woman featured Gal Gadot And was released in 2017. the story revolves around Diana/ Wonder Woman finding out that the world is much beyond the island she was born on and goes on to stop a war that could kill many innocent lives. Here are some amazing facts about Wonder Woman.

Facts About Wonder Woman Creation

  1. Unlike most superhero movies The Wonder Woman was actually created by a psychologist rather than a comic artist. The character of Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston who also created the earliest prototype of the lie detector.
  2. Initially, The Wonder Woman was to be named as Suprema, The Wonder Woman. However, this was changed because the name closely resembles Superman, The Man of Steel. Hence, this idea was dropped.
  3. William Moulton Marston gives the Wonder woman his ‘Tie of Truth’. He was also a very strong feminism activist.
  4. Margaret Sanger was a famous activist of birth control and also was one of the inspirations in the creation of Wonder Woman. Olive was Sanger’s niece, one of Marston’s partners. Byrne introduced Marston and his wife to Sanger’s ideas when she brought the book “Sanger Woman and the New Race” to one of their “non-conformist” encounters at Marston’s aunt’s house.

Facts About Wonder Woman Superpowers

  1. Diana, The Wonder woman has killed Ares,  the God of War and her former master, becoming the Goddess of War.  she has the power to communicate with Warriors from around the world.
  2. The bracelets of Diana The Wonder women were created using the remains of the shield of Zeus.  they are Unbreakable and can be used for both attacking and defending.
  3. Diana’s bracelets contain the enormous power of the Amazon. This power is uncomfortable to any other superhero.
  4. Diners bracelets art inspired by the bracelet of Marston’s wife (Olive Byrne). The bracelet worn by her wife symbolized their relationship. Marston had two children with Olive Byrne.
  5. The superpowers of the wonder women go beyond the imaginable powers. She has amazing strength, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman speed, superhuman hearing ability, flight ability, regeneration, resistance to magic, immortality, the power of seduction and empathy with animals.  Besides these, she also has the powers of the God of War, Ares.
  6. In the 90s during the crossover between DC and Marvel stories, Diana can surprisingly lift up Thor’s hammer without the slightest difficulty.
  7. The Wonder Woman was born at an Island Wonderland. It is an island where men are not allowed.
  8. It was initially thought that all the Amazons have amazing superpowers. However, it is not so. Only Diana has super fast reflexes amazing strength and more.

Facts About Movies Based on Wonder Woman

  1. The role of Wonder woman has been played by Lynda Carter,  Cathy Lee Crosby and, Gal Gadot.
  2. In 1942 new movie Wonder Woman was banned because the Wonder Woman was not wearing “proper clothes”.
  3. In the movie Justice League: point of ignition The Wonder Woman became intimate with Aquaman.  This was followed by Aquaman wife plotting to kill the Wonder Woman. Later, Aquaman received his wife’s head in a box. This triggered a war between The Underworld and the Underwater World.
  4. Wonder woman is 3rd such films based on Greek mythology of which Danny Huston is a part of, after God Poseidon in Fury of Titans. It is also that 3rd adapted film of comic books of which Danny Huston is a part of.

More Fascinating Facts About Wonder Woman

  1. In an amalgamation between DC and Marvel Comics, The Wonder Woman and Storm Union created the Ororo de Themyscira. This Amazon mutant has the powers of Wonder Woman and also the ability to control the weather. It has the powers of both wonder woman and the Storm.
  2. The Wonder Woman is the first female member of the Justice Society.
  3. Marble was named associate editor after suggesting that Wonder Woman was added to a section on real-life super-women. His first choice was Florence Nightingale; Other names included Sojourner Truth, Nellie Bly, Marie Curie, Joan of Arc and Sacagawea.
  4. Although the Wonder woman is called a goddess, but she had no origin in the pre-crisis.  she was created by Hippolyta through clay. she was given the powers from Gods Of Olympus.  She was portrayed as the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta in a comic.
  5. Over the years many changes have been made to the costume of The Wonder Woman. Many blame her costumes for hypersexualization. She has worn blue shorts which look like a swimsuit and currently we also see her in blue pants and red shirt.
  6. The villain in the movies of Wonder Woman, Dr. Psycho,  was inspired by a professor of Marston, according to whom women should not be allowed to vote. Dr. Psycho ’s character tried to stop women from contributing to the world.
  7. There are many encounters in The Wonder Woman comics where she and other women are tied or chained.  the publishers opposed it and called it synonymous to slavery. However Marston took his stand and maintained that it depicted The Wonder woman’s ability to break free.
  8. Wonder Woman lived on the women’s Island is also called Paradise Island.  It is also called Themyscira.
  9. Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, took the Amazons there after Hercules stole her magic belt, and Aphrodite told them that they would be safe there, provided they wore bracelets and did not talk to men.
  10. The Wonder woman and the Superman dated for a while in 2012. In a comic book of 2012 of the Justice League, Wonder Woman and Superman took things to the next level.
  11. The Wonder Woman became the first hero of the DC Comics to officiate same sex marriage.
  12. In 2016 it was confirmed that The Wonder Woman was bisexual.  After all, she lives on an island with only women. The same was confirmed by Greg Rucka, the comic writer.

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