Facts About UFO Sightings

At any time of the day, at least one person is looking out at the sky at an object that they are not aware of or have never seen before. Such objects are called “Unidentified Flying Objects”. While most of these unidentified objects are a meteor, asteroid, comet, or a special flying craft. Only some of these can actually be associated with alien life visiting the earth. Following are some of the most famous facts about UFO sightings in history.

Roswell, 1947

In New Mexico, USA, in July 1947, a UFO fell on a ranch near Roswell. Many theorists say that it indicated clear signs of extraterrestrial life, however, the US Airforce claimed that it was just an Aircraft of the Airforce and was mistakenly thought of as an aircraft of aliens.

Belgium, 1989-1990

Around 13,500 people claimed to see large, silent black triangles flying low in the Belgian sky for more than five months. More than 2,600 people submitted written statements, making it the top reported UFO sighting.

Kenneth Arnold, 1947

This was the case after which UFOs started being called as “Flying Saucers”. A pilot, Kenneth Arnold in 1947, saw nine bright saucer-shaped objects flying at supersonic speeds near Mount Rainier in Washington.

Sao Paulo, 1986

A radar in Brazil spotted as many as twenty UFOs. But when the military planes were sent to check them, the UFOs disappeared. Some experts reject the idea if these being UFOs and simply call them as debris released by the Soviet Space Station Salyut – 7.

Teheran, 1976

A UFO flew over the capital of Iran at high speed, disabling the electronic instruments of two F-4 Phantom II aircraft and blocking the ground control equipment. Iranian generals claimed that the object did not seem to them of terrestrial origin.

The Phoenix Lights, 1997

On the night of March 13, 1997, a flying object above Phoenix, Arizona was witnessed by hundreds of local residents. The shape of the object was very long. It is estimated that the object had a length of 1 mile.

Japan Airlines, 1986

On the flight from Paris to Tokyo, the crew of Boeing 747 cargo carrier was accompanied by more than one UFO while passing over Alaska. For almost an hour, UFOs flew along with the Boeing 747. The crew of the cargo carrier contacted the ATC who could not confirm the presence of objects on the radar.

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