Facts About Thomas More

Sir Thomas More was a Saint in the Catholic Church, a lawyer, a philosopher, an author, and a humanist. He was also the Chancellor of England and a councilor during the reign of King Henry VIII in the 16th century. He is known for his famous work in the book called “Utopia”. Utopia turned out to be one of the most talked about things in the political world even today. In this article, you’ll know more facts about Thomas More, interesting information, accomplishments, his ideas, books, career, renaissance and life.

He was executed by beheading

Thomas More was a trusted and respected man both by his friends as well King Henry himself.

However, in 1534, King Henry enacted a law that declared him supreme to the entire world including the pope. All the citizens of England were required to be taken an oath that accepted King Henry as the supreme.

But, Thomas More refused to take this oath because it meant the king’s supremacy even over the pope. On this, the king declared him guilty of treason and charged with execution by beheading.

The Catholic Church canonized Thomas More by declaring him a saint for this act of bravery. He is famous for his last words, which were, “I am the King’s good servant, but God’s first,”

More’s daughter’s received the same formal education as their brothers

In that time, it was unusual for the families to educate their daughters. More went against the customs and arranged for educating his daughters the same way he did for his sons. His daughters’ erudition in Greek and Latin was admired.

His unconventional attitude earned him much respect from the noble families of England.

He even educated his wife, Jane Colt in Music and Literature.

Defender of Christian Orthodoxy

He is known for his rational and unconventional decisions. But when it came to the church, he defended the church against dissidence and writing against the unorthodox books.

He detested Tyndale Bible’s usage of replacement words for “Saint” and “church”. He went to the extent of preventing these books to be released in England. He believed that these books separated the people from the Church.

Thomas More’s Career

More studied law as a part of his education. He pursued his spiritual interests alongside his law career. In 1503, he abandoned practicing law and dedicated himself to spirituality. He also gave his services to England by serving as Privy Councillor, Exchequer and advisor to King Henry.

Utopia and Thomas More’s other literary works

Thomas More published his book, Utopia in 1515. The book was immediately successful. It is clear whether the book was a satire against the European Kings or a solution to make a perfect community by implementing Communism. You can read more about Utopia in this article – Facts about Utopia.

Thomas More invented the term “Utopia” from a Latin term. Utopia means a community or a country that is perfect in all respect, where all the citizens are happy and satisfied.

Apart from Utopia, he also wrote, History of King Richard III.

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