Facts About Slenderman

Slenderman is the face of modern day horror. What started out as an imaginary character, was also turned into a horror movie. Slender man always picked little children as his victims and was also very picky about choosing them. Here are some facts about slender man, his origin, myths, stories and creepy stuff associated with him.

A Tall, Thin and Faceless Man

Slenderman is usually represented as a very tall and thin man. He has the ability to lengthen and multiply his limbs, forming a kind of tentacular appendages with which he would trap his victims. He has no face. He wears a black tie and suit and his appearance is usually associated with disappearances, deaths and deep psychological traumas. Little more would be known about this enigmatic creature; everything that surrounds it is mystery, as well as its motivations.

Slenderman Originated Through Imagination

Slenderman was created accidentally. Its true origin goes back to the year 2009, when a photographer Eric Knudsen  manipulated one of the photographs he clicked.

Eric Knudsen retouched a couple of black and white photographs of kids to introduce a slender silhouette in the shadows, and added footnotes as if they were archival images about a case of disappearance of children.

It is believed that the character was inspired by the stories and characters of Stephen King (Who wrote many fictional horror stories) but he never had any intention of causing fear in people.

Supernatural Entity?

Only children, their favorite victims, can see his supernatural abilities, while adults can only see it through photographs and videotapes. The Slenderman can kill with one look and; hypnotize his victims.

Where to Find?

Slenderman appears near schools and playgrounds, and also in isolated areas such as forests and secondary roads. Some versions claim that it is of extraterrestrial origin; others that he is the result of an experiment; and some say that it is a creature as old as time.

According to legend, his favorite victims are children. Before capturing them and ending their lives, he often observes from a distance, as you can see in some photos that show the character in the background, always watching his victims.

Conclusion on this Scary Guy

Slenderman is the first character created on the Internet that was hollowed out in the popular imagination and which in turn allowed the arrival of other digital myths.

It was further popularized by Creepypasta.

Whether he exists or not is difficult to conclude upon, but we do know that it was someone’s imagination that created him. But, who knows what’s real and what’s imaginary?

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