Facts About Shaolin Monks

Facts About Shaolin Monks That You Should Know

Many people in the world look to shaolin monks for their immense self discipline. They are known for tremendous strength of both body and mind. There are many schools in China that teach Kung Fu. Shaolin Monks are masters in Kung Fu, but you should know that Shaolin Monks don’t practise Kung Fu as a means of fighting. Their entire life is a “self sacrifice”. It takes more than just courage to reach their level of self discipline. Here are some facts about Shaolin Monks.

Shaolin Monks History Facts

Image source: By Giovanni Boccardi via Wikimedia Commons
  • It is said that the Indian monk Bodhidharma brought Shaolin Kung Fu to China in 495 A.D., but it is not known from where he learnt about Shaolin Kung Fu. It is not established whether he observed animals and captured their fighting style or he learnt it from some else.
  • Bodhidharma was an Indian Buddhist monk and warrior who was traveling through China and spreading the teachings of Buddhism. The emperor at that time was quite impressed with his teachings and offered him to be a member at his court. After which, a special spot was chosen and developed for Bodhidharma to spread his teachings. This spot later came to be known as the “Shaolin Temple”.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu was taught to the monks not for the purpose of fighting but to attain physical fitness. Martial Arts were already practiced widely in China. The techniques taught by Bodhidharma were combined with the Chinese Martial Arts which created Shaolin Kung Fu.

Facts About Shaolin Temple

  • Many people around the world believe the fact that Shaolin Monks are only concerned about perfecting their fighting style. However, this is not true. Much before they are allowed to practice Kung Fu, they are trained to build their strength as well as humility.
  • Each Shaolin Monks has only one master who treats them as their son. At the temple, they not only learn Kung Fu, but also learn about Buddhism, Culture, Chinese Medicine and, Weapons.
  • In the beginning, the students do not have any mentor at all. The masters at the the temple observe the new entrants and decide whether they are worth training or not. Those who are not picked by any master have to go back. However, today some students might still get accepted, but they won’t be entitled as “Shaolin Monk”.
  • Since each Shaolin monk has a different master, they learn very differently from each other.
  • A student can enter the shaolin temples at the age of 3 or more. For entering the temple, they need to pass a test in which there is a physical test and a test of their view on life.
  • Shaolin monks don’t eat meat or flesh.

Some Incredible Feats of Shaolin Monks

Image source: By Shi Deru (a.k.a. Shawn Xiangyang Liu) – Wikipedia
  • Shaolin Monks are revered for their incredible mental and physical strength. In a Harvard study, it was found that the some monks can raise their body temperature by using a technique. They can raise their temperature to the extent that the wet cloth sheets wrapped around them can dry up due to the heat emanating from their bodies. According to the study, the technique used is known as g-tummo meditation.
  • We know that shaolin monks practice and understand Kung Fu. Kung Fu fighting style is a combination of incredible speed and strength. An example of their agility and power is their ability to throw needles through glass. And the glass stays intact as if a high speed bullet passed through it. The needle thrown through the glass only leaves behind a hole. https://youtu.be/Tn6IY99ON1U






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