Facts About Russia

Facts About Russia

The famous video game “Tetris” was developed in 1985 by the Russian Alexei Pazhitnov.

Russia, the largest country in the world has an area of 17 million square kilometers and the length of about 10,000 kilometers.

The Trans-Siberian Railway runs almost all the way through the county, making it the longest railroad in the world. It measures 9,200 kilometers.

Despite covering many longitudes, Russia does not have the most number of time zones in the world. Russia has 11 time zones, while France has 12 time zones because it has many territories.

Siberia, the forbidding cold desert, occupies 77% of the entire territory of Russia.

The Kliuchevskaya Sopka volcano is the Russian volcano that is the tallest in Eurasia. It measures 4,750 meters.

Russia is at a distance of less than four kilometers from the US: it is the distance that separates the island Diomedes Mayor (Russia) from the island Diómedes Menor (Alaska) in the middle of the Bering Strait.

Chicago is closer to Moscow than it is to Rio de Janeiro.

When World Soccer Championship that was going on in Russia in 2018, the Argentine Football Association published a guide on how to seduce Russian women during their stay.

In 2011, One individual Russian consumed about 16 liters of alcohol per year. However, with government’s efforts, this number is lowering.

Japan and Russia are never signed a peace treaty to end the World War II. They still have some territorial disputes.

Russia is larger than dwarf planet Pluto’s surface area, which measures 16.6 million square kilometers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin saved a television crew from the attack of a Siberian tiger. However, later, it was discovered that everything was acted so that the president would gain publicity.

Lake Karachay, located in western Russia  is considered to be the most radioactive and polluted lake in the world. This happened when Russia stocked up its nuclear supply in panic after Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack.

In Russia, there are 9 million more women than men.

The Hermitage Museum or The Winter Palace in Russia, is strictly guarded by 70 cats.

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