Facts About Princess Diana

Prince Charles was 31 when he proposed to Princess Diana. Princess Diana was only 19. Prince Charles had to mary Princess Diana because of the royal custom that required him to marry a virgin.

Princess Diana shook the false belief that touching AIDS patient could transmit AIDS. She shook the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing gloves during a show on TV. This gesture was widely applauded by people suffering from the disease.

Princess Diana was stripped of the title “Her Royal Highness” when she and Prince Charles got divorced. Her son Prince William, however told her, “Don’t worry, mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am the king”.

Freddie Mercury would often dress-up Princess Diana as a man and would take her clubbing.

After the death of Princess Diana, there was a 17% increase in suicides in England and Wales. Most of these were young women between the age of 25 and 44.

Once a street artist Banksy printed fake 10 pound notes with the face of Princess Diana in place of the Queen and just flew them into the air. The notes were later worth 200 pounds each.

Even though Princess Diana was no longer the part of the Royal family at the time of her death, Prince Charles still organized for a royal funeral for her.

Marvel once wanted to make a comic series featuring Princess Diana resurrected as a mutant. The comic was to be called “Die Another Day”.

North Korea celebrated when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. There was even a release of postage stamps featuring both of them to mark the event.

Princess Diana was depressed and tried to kill herself while she was pregnant with Prince WIlliam.

Princess Diana’s sister and Prince Charles had an affair in 1973. Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla Bowles while he was married with Princess Diana.

Due to the affair, Princess Diana suffered depression, anxiety that led her towards self-mutilation and bulimia.

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