Facts About Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest armadillo species measuring just 10 centimeters. Most people find them cute due to their pink carapace and soft white hair. Read on for some cute facts about pink fairy armadillo.

Scientific name: Chlamyphorus truncatus

Length: 9 – 12 centimeters

Weight: 120 grams

Petable: No

Lifespan: 5 – 10 years

You can’t pet them

Despite their cuteness and harmlessness, humans shouldn’t pet them. This is because they need their habitat to survive and almost never survive in captivity. They are extremely sensitive to temperature and environment changes. Still these fascinating creatures are extracted from the wild to be sold as pets in the black market.

The smallest of all armadillos

These remarkable creatures, also known as pichiciego measure a little more than 10 centimeters and weight just 120 grams, making them unique in their own species.

What do pink fairy armadillos eat?

They mostly feed on small invertebrates like worms, snails and insects and also some plants. They are rarely seen on the ground surface and mostly live and hunt underground.

They are solitary and nocturnal

Pink fairy armadillo is strictly nocturnal and mostly solitary.

Found in Central Argentina

Pink fairy armadillos are exclusively found in the xeric environment of Central Argentina. The habitat is unique for its shrubby grasslands with thin shrubs.

Armadillo carapace

The pink fairy armadillos have a flexible carapace (shell) that is attached exclusively to its body by a thin dorsal membrane, also its spatula-shaped tail protrudes from a vertical plate at the blunt back of its shell. Underneath the carapace, it has abundant yellow-white silky hair that help the armadillo maintain its body temperature.

Sand swimmer

Pink fairy armadillo can dig through sand just like fish can swim through water. It’s so fast due to its massive claws on its front and hind limbs. In fact, its claws are too large for it to move on hard plain surfaces.

They do not like human contact

It stresses them out and can even lead to death of the pink fairy armadillo due to the stress. Instead they enjoy spending their lives inside burrows.

They can roll into a ball

Because its carapace/shell is so flexible, it can roll itself and look like a small ball made of its shell.

Not much is known about pink fairy armadillo

First described in 1825, these creatures are a rare find primarily due to their limited adaptability to different habitats. This is why not much study has been possible on them. We still do not know whether they take liquids or water.

Conservation status listed as threatened

They are hunted by wolves, but besides that, human activity and human attempts to pet them resulted the species being listed as “Threatened” in 1970.


Though not much is known, but they are most likely polygamous. The baby armadillo’s shell does not become completely hard until it is fully grown.

More Facts on Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo sleeps between 16 – 18 hours in a day and mostly spends of its life in its burrow.

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