Facts About Mountain Bluebird

Facts About Mountain Bluebirds

Length: 7.25 inches

Wingspan: 14 inches

Weight: 30 grams

Known as Azulejo pálido in Spanish

And Merlebleu azuré in French. It is also called the Arctic Blue-bird and Ultramarine Blue-bird. Its scientific name is Sialia currucoides.

State bird of Nevada

The mountain bluebird is the state bird of Nevada and was declared so in 1967.

It is a songbird

Mountain bluebird is a songbird of medium sized. Its characteristic sound is a series of low whistles. Male warbles are known to warble in flight as well as in the morning.

Mountain bluebird on stamps

Mountain bluebirds appeared on 20 cent postal stamps in 1982 for Idaho and Nevada states. In 1990, it was printed on the 25 cent stamps for Idaho state. It was also printed on 45 cent stamps of Canada series.

Slimmer than other bluebird species

Did you know that there are 3 species of blue birds, mountain bluebird being one of them. The other two are eastern bluebird and western bluebird.

How does a mountain bluebird look like?

They are small sized birds weighing just 30 grams. Some characteristics of a bluebird’s appearance are its pale sky blue breast, light underbellies and dark eyes. Their might be some red-rufous color on their necks. It is slimmer than the other two species of bluebirds. Its tail as well as wings are also longer than that of the other two species.

Male mountain bluebirds are entirely blue in color, while the females have a grayish body and yellow eye rings. The baby mountain bluebirds are paler in color.

Found in western mountains of North America

They are widely found in the western mountains and in the states Alaska, Manitoba, North and South Dakota, Arizona as well as Mexico.

Where do mountain bluebirds nest?

During spring, male mountain bluebirds search for breeding sites. They nest in pre-existing cavities or in nest boxes. They are monogamous. The female mountain bluebirds choose their mating partner solely on the basis of the quality of nest that the male has chosen. Then give no regard to singing or looks of the male.


The female mountain bluebird lays about four to seven eggs. Their eggs are pale blue in color. The incubation period is 13 days. The male collects food and takes care of the female and the chicks.

Forage in flocks in winter

Mountain bluebirds can forage in flocks during winter but are usually solitary hunters. They eat insects, grasshoppers and berries.

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