Facts About Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and is also the country’s main port. It is also often known as the Mini Pakistan and is the most famous city of Pakistan. It is located in southern Pakistan on the coast of the Arabian Sea, on the west bank of the large Indus River delta. As the capital of Sind Province, Karachi covers an area of ​​3,527 square kilometers. Karachi is a busy and busy city with a population of more than 23.5 million people. Read more facts about Karachi.

  1. There is no other city that reflects Pakistan’s economic, ethnic and regional diversity like Karachi.
  2. Karachi is the sixth most populous city in the world.
  3. Karachi is located in the desert and is bordered on four sides of the Sindh plain.
  4. 42% of Pakistan’s GDP is contributed by Karachi. Karachi is also the media electronic capital of Pakistan.
  5. Karachi port is the most crucial port of Pakistan. 
  6. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) is one of oldest stock exchange markets in Asia.
  7. Grand Jamiah , is a mosque under construction in Karachi. It will be the largest mosque in the world after Mosques in Mecca and Medinah .
  8. Most of the population are Muslim refugees from India who settled there after India and Pakistan split into their own countries in 1947. The next largest group consisted of the indigenous population of Sind Province. Karachi is also home to more than one million ethnic Pashtuns, who are from neighboring provinces of Baluchistan and North West Frontier or as refugees from war-torn Afghanistan.
  9. The architecture of Karachi is a mixture of old and new styles. Modern terraced structures soar into the sky with ancient buildings dating from the British rule. Housing ranges from the luxurious living quarters of the rich to the slums of the poor.
  10. Karachi has a rich cuisine. The most popular cuisines in the city are Karachi Biryani and Kozi Haleem.
  11. Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi was the tallest buildings in Asia from 1963 to 1968.
  12. Karachi is the most polluted city in Pakistan.
  13. One of Karachi’s most important landmarks is the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. Others are the National Museum and the University of Karachi.

    tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Facts about Karachi
    Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  14. Karachi is a national banking, transportation and communication center. But its prosperity is largely based on manufacturing and trade, which employs almost half the workforce.
  15. Karachi is home to major industrial and commercial companies. Textile and footwear manufacturing is an important industry, followed by the iron and steel industry, food and beverages, paper and printing, machinery, chemicals, petroleum, and electronic goods. In addition, most of Pakistan’s exports and imports pass through the port of this city.
  16. Karachi’s Lucky One Mall is the largest mall in South Asia.
  17. Karachi is home to South Asia’s largest choreographed fountain
  18. Karachi is one of the youngest cities in Asia. The city was founded in 1729 on a site of a small fishing village. This place later emerged as a commercial center and military headquarters after the British took control of the city in 1839.
  19. Rapid population growth is one of the city’s major problems. A facts about Karachi is that there is a significant shortage of fresh water pumped from within Pakistan. The presence of environmental pollution and congestion is very strong.
  20. The existence of slums and the high level of poverty for some categories of its population.
  21. Violence and conflicts among some of its population, on the basis of ethnic, religious, political and other conflicts is also not uncommon.
  22. Karachi is famous for its special sweet called “Karachi ka Halwa”.

    FACTS about karachi
    Karachi ka Halwa


  23. Karachi’s position has been increasingly important since 1947, when the Pakistani state was founded and Karachi became the first capital. The population soon swelled with the arrival of Muslim refugees from India.
  1. In 1959, the capital of Pakistan was transferred to Rawalpindi, then in 1967 it was moved again to a newly built city, Islamabad, the current capital of Pakistan. But Karachi remains a magnet that continues to attract many people from all over Pakistan and the world.
  2. Did you know the fact that besides Indus, from this city passes the famous Laiari River, and pours this river into the Arabian Sea .
  3. The city’s average temperature is 31 degree C in summers and 19 degree C in winters.
  4. The rainfall in this city is low most of the year due to its proximity to the sea, Its humidity is high on the year.
  1. The largest volunteer ambulance service in the world is in Karachi by the name of Edhi organization.
  2. Karachi has largest population of Christians, Hindus, Bahai and ancient Parsis in Pakistan.
  3. Karachi also has the largest Christ cross in Asia touching the height of 140 foot.

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