Facts About Indonesian Culture

Facts About Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is an archipelago that has thousands of islands. Indonesia has around 17,000 islands. Each island has different geographical conditions. Indonesia is known for its rich heritage and unique culture that its people still follow. Check out some facts about Indonesian Culture.

Ethnic Groups, Religion and Languages in Indonesia

Indonesia is the country with the most ethnic groups in the world. There are more than 740 ethnic groups, wherein only in the region Papua, there are as many as 270 tribes.

Indonesia is a country with the most number of regional languages. There are about 583 languages and dialects from 67 main languages used by various ethnic groups in Indonesia.

The national language is Indonesian although the most widely spoken regional language in Indonesia is Javanese.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. The number of Muslims in Indonesia are around 216 million or 88% of the Indonesian population. It also has the largest number of mosques in the world and sees the most number of pilgrim visits.

Indonesia is also one of the few countries in the world where Animism is practiced by some tribes. Know about animism facts, origin and, beliefs.

Indonesia is the second most abundant religion in Indonesia. The largest Buddhist monument (temple) in the world is Borobudur Temple located in Central Java. It has a height of 42 meters (10 levels) and is more than 1 km long. It is estimated to have been completed in 40 years by the Syailendra Dynasty during the Ancient Mataram kingdom (750-850 A.D.)

Ancient Tradition and Practices in Indonesia

Batik Cloth

is an important traditional practice in China that is at least 1000 years old. Batik is a fabric that has a variety of decorations or patterns.

In 2009, UNESCO declared Batik as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Buffalo race

or Makepung is a traditional sports event carried out by Balinese people for entertainment purpose. The Balinese consider buffalo as sacred animals. Initially, the tradition was conducted only in order to plough their fields, which later evolved into the buffalo race.


usually reminds of Spain. But Spain is not the only country where this crazy game is played. But here, two bulls are made to fight each other instead of chasing around a human. In Indonesia, bullfighting is known as Mapasilaga Tedong. It is held to honor the ancestors.

Martial Arts or Debus

in Indonesia have existed since the 16th century. What started as a combination of sound and dance performance. The performance included stabbing stomach with sharp objects, slicing the body with a knife, piercing the tongue, burning themselves with fire, and so on. It later developed into a martial art practice in the 18th century. Debus also means immunity.

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