Healthy facts about green tea

Facts About Green Tea

Originating in China, green tea is a type of tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It takes this name because it maintains its natural coloration during processing. The preparation method differs from traditional teas, as it is not made with boiling water so as not to give a bitter taste to the drink. The green tea has several medicinal properties. Read out more facts about green tea and its benefits.

Green Tea Fact #1: Green tea is the favorite drink of the Japanese.

There are several types, ranging from a softer aroma to a stronger one, being mostly cold / chilled, but also with a hot option – especially in street vending machines or train stations. The powdered or milled version is called matcha.

Green Tea Fact #2: Most Consumed Drink in Asia

In addition, green tea is the most consumed drink in all of Asia! The plant originates in China and was brought to Japan in the mid-ninth century by a Buddhist monk. The custom of drinking infused tea began with medicinal use.

The production process, the planting region and the preparation result in numerous variations of aroma, color and flavor.

Green Tea Fact #3: Green Consumed in Ancient Japan

In Japanese culture, the tea-drinking habit spread during the Heian Period (794-1192) to act as an antidote to toxins, and its ingestion was believed to ensure longevity.

Green Tea Fact #4: Protects the health of your heart

It has substances capable of protecting the heart, reducing the chances of clots forming in the arteries, keeping them more flexible. This phenomenon allows constant changes in blood pressure to have their impacts smoothed.

Green Tea Fact #5: Prevents poor digestion

Green tea also helps prevent poor digestion, because it has a component called catechin, in addition to having antioxidant action.

Green Tea Fact #6: Produced in China, India and Sri Lanka

It is produced in countries such as China, India and Sri Lanka.

Green Tea Fact #7: Goodness of Caffeine

The tea leaf contains caffeine, which would serve to regain energy and scare away sleep. That is why it was preferred by Buddhist monks during the night meditations.

Green Tea Fact #8: Stay young and wrinkle free

By having a lot of vitamins C and E in its leaves, it prevents the skin from wrinkles and favors its elasticity, acting against the aging of the cells at an early stage, as it has the power to prevent the action of free radicals of our body. 

Green Tea Fact #9: No depression

Another substance that green tea possesses is the so-called theanine that acts as a tranquilizer for the brain, functioning as an antidepressant. Studies indicate that people who drink green tea daily are 44 percent less likely to suffer from depression.

Green Tea Fact #10: Green tea as a complementary drink in Japan

n some Japanese restaurants other than water (non-bottled), green tea – ready or powdered, to be diluted and mixed in hot water – is also complementary.

Green Tea Fact #11: Accelerate your metabolism with green tea

In its composition, tea contains large amounts of caffeine and other substances, able to accelerate the metabolism and help in the burning of fats, since they favor the energy expenditure of the body. Experts claim that to get relevant results of weight loss, it is necessary to consume about one liter of tea per day for at least three months. Thermogenic foods and metabolism. In a study, the people who drink green tea burned 4% more fat than the people who did not enjoy the drink.

Best Ideas for Preparing Green Tea

Green tea with ginger and lemongrass

With its unique flavor along with ginger, this is the perfect drink for all tea lovers. With low caffeine levels and antioxidants in this tea, you will feel energized throughout the day.

Green tea with Hibiscus

This green tea recipe is great for weight loss, it helps to burn calories in a healthy and tasty way.

Green tea with mint

This is a surprisingly refreshing and delicious green tea recipe for weight loss.

Also, remember to use honey as a sugar substitute!

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