Facts About Blind People

Blind people can actually experience visual hallucinations when under the influence of psychedelics like LSD.

When Daredevil movie was created, Stan Lee, its co-creator was scared that blind people might be offended by exaggeration of blind people’s other senses.. However, he received many letters from blind people telling him they loved the comics.

Blind people can count the hours without the knowledge of the sun or without a watch. They count hours by our body’s natural 24 hour circadian rhythm that is regulated by the temperature fluctuations outside.

In South Korea, only blind people can masseuse licenses. The tradition is carried on because blind people already have very few career options.

Blind people who cannot use guide dogs due to allergy or fear of dogs or any other reason can get trained mini guide horses to guide them.

Baseball for the blind people is called Beep Ball.

Some blind people use echolocation to sense their environment. It works because we all store the images we see in the visual cortex for the brain to interpret. Blind folk create these images from sound.

People who are born blind smile even though they have never seen anyone else smile. Smiling is a gesture carried in our human genes and not something learnt as we grow.

Blind people cannot draw not because they cannot see, but because they do not know how to draw the three-dimensional objects they touch.

Blind people are four times more likely to get nightmares than people with normal sight.

Color blind people have extraordinary ability to spot patterns that normally sighted people cannot. The US Army has used color blind people to help them spot camouflage.

Blind people in the UK get 50% discount on TV license.

There is a website of porn designed specifically for the blind people.

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