Examples of Animal Intelligence

Examples of Animal Intelligence

Humans and animals are quite similar, especially when it comes to processing emotions. Just humans, animals have shown symptoms of depression, BPD, and other mental disorders. This makes us wonder if animals too are just as intelligent as humans are. Many experiments and researches were done on this and Examples of Animal Intelligence were noted down.

1. Monkeys observe patterns in unrelated things just like humans

When rhesus monkeys were made to play a fast-paced, computerized game and the monkeys were given a treat if they were correct. The monkeys observed the pattern in which the treats were given started choosing the right answers after a few repetitions!

This shows that it’s not just humans that see patterns everywhere. In fact, we might have inherited this trait of seeing patterns from the monkeys

2. An adult crow’s intelligence is the same as a 7 year old human’s!

You have already heard of the famous Thirsty Crow Story which made us wonder if crows are intelligent animals.

Well, here’s the proof: In an experiment, the crows were required to throw stones in the water to make the water level to rise and were then given a reward.

It was established that the cognition of crows consists of high awareness of causes and outcomes of an action.

3. The Elephant Who Speaks Human

Koshik is an Asian male elephant that can imitate human speech. He has been known to speak words in Korean language. As of now, his vocabulary is limited to only 5 words.

He speaks using his trunk. Although, it has been known that dogs try to imitate the speech of their masters. This elephant imitating human speech is a first timer!

He can speak words like: anja (sit down), annyong (hi), aniya (no), nuo (lie down), and choah (good).  Evidently, he learned about all these words since these were commands used to teach him.

4. Goldfish Can Distinguish Between Different Music

Yes, we have heard that animals enjoy listening to music too, but have you ever heard of animals being able to differentiate between songs composed by different composers?

Goldfish apparently can distinguish one composition from another. In an experiment, goldfish was able to differentiate between the compositions “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach and “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky.

This ability to differentiate between two different compositions proves that the fish can perceive different properties of sound like pitch and timbre.

5. Another Example of Dolphin’s Intelligence

Some example of animal intelligence demonstrated by the dolphins include using sponge to protect their snout searching their way through the seafloor.  Another sign was dolphins using unique whistles and clicks that served the purpose of other dolphins’ names.

Dolphins have also been known to follow ships to catch the fish the ships leave behind on their way back. Dolphins are also moody and wouldn’t play unless they are in the mood to.

6. Clever Squirrels – The Master of Disguise

Squirrels have been known to steal, hide, deceive and wear masks! Some researchers saw a sign that proved that proved the squirrels understanding humans stealing their nuts. The squirrels can be quick at interpreting the intentions of others.

Well, the squirrel in ice age caused havoc while following its nut, but in real life, squirrels have an excellent three-dimensional memory. The nuts are so dear to them that their brains can image the 3D map of where they hid their nuts. Although, squirrels have also been known to plant hundreds of trees by simply forgetting where they had hid their beloved nut. Tricky clever animals!

7. Squids: The Brainiest Invertebrates

The squids are known to be the brainiest invertebrates in the world. Their brain structure is similar to that of humans and is quite complex when compared to other invertebrates. Squids, just like humans have been identified as knowledge hungry and can’t stop wondering why, which makes them almost just as curious as humans are.

Squids also get easily bored which just proves again that they more intelligent than the average. They are also quick at learning and adapting new skills. They have also been known to use objects around them as tools to either help them or to help them alleviate their boredom.

8. Spiders Aren’t Just Scary, But Intelligent Too!

Spiders are probably the most intelligent among the other creatures of their size. In several experiments and researches, some species of spider like White-Mustached Portia Spiders have demonstrated exceptionally quick learning skills.

The species of spider known as Portia stands out among their counterpart spiders in intelligence. They have been spotted using remarkable skills in attacking and predating upon other spiders. The learning and problem solving traits found in these spiders have been found only in bigger species. It makes us wonder how a brain so small in size can process so much!

9. Ants: Don’t underestimate their intelligence just because of their size!

Ants, though small in size are very creative and can brave harsh calamities much better than other species. Ants are the best example of team work. They coordinate brilliantly, build nests, hunt for food and adapt themselves to their surrounding environment very well.

Intelligence is not necessarily problem solving. Intelligence also means how the brain helps you survive. This ability of these small animals surely proves that they are no noob in the world of intelligence.

10. One the Most Insightful Animals are Baboons

We already know that monkeys species like chimpanzees and orangutans are intelligent and their cognition abilities are quite comparable to that of humans. In fact, humans might have inherited their intelligence from the monkeys.

Baboons have also shown remarkable intelligence in terms of emotions and their dealing with stress. They are highly social and have a good emotional intelligence. They think critically and use their intelligence to understand the difficult social situations.

11. Sheep are “Quiet and Intelligent”

Sheeps have the best memories among animals. Also, elephants have been known to possess an excellent memory. Sheeps have excellent ability identify their fellow sheep. They also showcase emotional intelligence and demonstrate expressions of love and grief.

12. The Brains of Horses Show Excellent Memory and Recalling Abilities

Horses are friendly to humans when treated nicely and respected. They also demonstrate love and affection to their masters. They understand commands very quickly and have a very good memory and will never forget you if you do them a favor.

13. Intelligent Birds = Falcons

We know that owls are wise, we also know that eagles are clever hunters. Falcons are no behind. These majestic and beautiful words are expert hunters. They have an extraordinary memory and remember every tiny bit of their territory in which they hunt.

14. Smart Rats!

Rats have been known to be adaptive, demonstrate super quick reflexes. Also, the chemical balance of their brain resembles that of the human brain. That is why scientists use rats for conducting so many experiments. They also have very good memories and know every tunnel of the city sewers. We might as well call them the king of the underworld!

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