Electrifying Facts About Pink Floyd

Electrifying Facts About Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd played at a concert with no audience in Pompeii, 1971. This was the very first performance to occur in Pompeii since the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The Wall album by Pink Floyd was an endless loop album that can be played forever. It last song ends with “Isn’t this where…” and the first song begins with “….we came in?” and continues the same melody of the previous song, thus signifying the cyclical nature of Water’s theme.

When Apollo 11 astronauts landed in 1969, BBC paid Pink Floyd to play exclusive instrumental piece, “Moonhead” in the background as it broadcasted the landing.

Pink Floyd performed at a concert in London, in 1971, and was so loud that the loudness killed all the fish in a lake located 100 yards away.

Pink Floyd used a giant inflatable pig for publicity of its album “Animals”. The giant pig got loose and flew over Heathrow airport, thus causing the flights to be cancelled. The giant pig balloon landed in a field scaring the cows grazing in it.

Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd can be played infinitely. The final song of the albem, Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast ends at dripping faucet that never stops unless the tape was stopped.

Pink Floyd thought that their album “Household Objects” was too weird for them. It only had two tracks. The band used household items like hammers, light bulbs, mixers, etc. to record the songs.

Pink Floyd had a dog member too. His name was Seamus.

Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon stayed on the Billboard charts from 1973 to 1988, about 741 weeks.

Syd Barret, an ex-member of Pink Floyd, pranked the other band members by writing a seemingly simple song that the band could never grasp. He would changed the chords during the rehearsal and corrected the members several times. It was called “Have You Got It Yet?”

Roger Waters received a shot from doctor when he got sick. This was when he wrote the song “Comfortably Numb”.

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