Disturbing Facts About Insomnia

Disturbing Facts About Insomnia

There is a disease called Fatal Familial Insomnia, that causes the patient to lose sleep gradually until they are no longer able to sleep. It worsens progressively, leads to hallucinations, dementia, and eventually death within 18 months. Approximately 40 families around the world are affected by this disease.

Insomniac people report getting better sleep when sleeping under a heavy blanket.

Eating cherries and bananas are the most natural way to cure insomnia.

In ancient times, people used to put blood-sucking leeches behind ears. In the holes bore by the leeches, grain of opium was put to aid sleep.

The longest movie in the world is “The Cure For Insomnia”. It is 87 hours long. It consists of a man reciting a 4,080 pages long poem, in addition to adult film scenes and some rock music.

Charles Dickens suffered from insomnia. He used to sleep with his head towards to north in an effort to sleep better and would carry a compass with him to make sure he slept right.

Insomniacs often think of embarrassing mistakes and blunders that happened ages ago. It is possible that their insomnia might have been caused due to emotional distress.

There are five types of insomnia, each has its own symptoms and features. These are Acute insomnia, Chronic insomnia, Comorbid insomnia, Onset insomnia, and Maintenance insomnia.

Research suggests that the key to overcoming insomnia is to change your thought patterns and learning to worry less about insomnia. Insomniacs can do this by getting cognitive therapy or mindfulness-meditation.

Insomnia is very often hereditary and women are more likely to have insomnia than men. Pregnant women report insomnia more often than other women.

People who can’t let go of things have a harder time falling asleep. If they are unable to regulate their emotions on a regular basis, their insomnia becomes persistent.

Radiations in and around your phone can also cause insomnia. This is why it’s advised to put your phone on flight mode or keep it far away while sleeping.

Social media is the leading cause of insomnia among youngsters.

People who are lonely are most likely to suffer from chronic insomnia. They are also more likely to stay in bed even if they aren’t sleepy or tired.

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