Facts About Rainbow Lorikeets

Interesting Rainbow Lorikeets Facts

The rainbow lorikeet (scientific name – Trichoglossus haematodus) or the rainbow parrot is a gorgeous multicolored bird belonging to the subfamily Loriinae. Read out these cool facts about rainbow lorikeets.


It is a small sized (12 inches in length) multi-colored parrot with gray colored legs. They weigh about 70 – 150 gram ideally.

The plumage of a rainbow lorikeet consists of four colors – green, blue, orange and small amount of red.

Its head is blue in color, the chest is yellow with orange stripes in the center. The color of feathers near the abdomen is blue, while their wings are green. The beak is most usually red. Some mutations can make the beak as well as the legs pink.

Also, different subspecies of the lorikeet are very differently colored than mentioned above.

Where to find rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets are native birds of Australia and can also be found on Tasmania Island. They are found on many islands of Oceania. They are among the most populous birds in Australia.


These birds usually feed on nectar and pollen. Their diet required a high quantity of protein and carbohydrates.

Its favorite foods include nectar from Eucalyptus, Pittosporum and, Grevillea. They can also eat certain fruits like fig, papaya, mango and, Jamaican cherry.

Lorikeet pet owners can buy special lorikeet diet packages from pet shops.


Lorikeets live for 10 – 20 years and can live even up to 30 years.

Lorikeet Habitat

Lorikeet’s natural habitat is rainforests, woodland and coastal areas.

Rainbow Lorikeet Subspecies

Trichoglossus haematodus or rainbow lorikeets have many subspecies such as ornate lorikeet, sunset lorikeet, marigold lorikeet, red collared lorikeet, olive-headed lorikeet, citrine lorikeet, Mindanao lorikeet, Scaly-breasted lorikeet and more.


They reach sexual maturity at the age 2. Lorikeets lay usually 2 eggs at once but sometimes may even lay 3 after an incubation period of 25 days.

Rainbow Lorikeets as Pets

Lorikeets are very common pets and make good companions. Their diet has certain special requirements. Some habits of lorikeets as pets are –

  1. They love showering.
  2. They might sleep upside down.
  3. They are easily bored and love to play with noisy toys.
  4. They can escape easily since they are quite intelligent.
  5. They are social and noisy. They can learn new words and phrases quickly.

For more information on how to pet a Lori, you may read this.





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