Fantastic Facts About Spider-Man

Facts About Spider-Man

Mary Jane  got cancer because of Spider-Man’s radioactive sperm. The global licensing revenue of Spider-Man is greater than that of Superman, Batman and Avengers combined. Once James Cameron wrote a script of Spider-Man in the early 90s. As per the script, it would have starred Leonardo Dicaprio as Peter Parker and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doctor … Read more Fantastic Facts About Spider-Man

Tesla Car Facts That Will Leave Your Mind Blown

Tesla Car Facts That Will Leave Your Mind Blown

Tesla Model S is the safest car in the world. In safety tests by National Highway Safety Administration, Tesla Model S is the only car in the world to score 5 out of 5 stars. Tesla makers are so sure of the car’s safety features, that they offer a lifetime insurance when you purchase the … Read more Tesla Car Facts That Will Leave Your Mind Blown

Enlightening Facts About Iron Man

Enlightening Facts About Iron Man

Tony Stark was inspired by Howard Hughes, the magnate and playboy Howard Hughes , who combined his work as an aeronautical industrial with those of film producer and adventurous aviator. Howard Hughes was a millionaire at the age of 18. Jarvis, the suit of Iron man is an acronym for “Just a Rather Very Intelligent … Read more Enlightening Facts About Iron Man

Facts About Slenderman

Slenderman is the face of modern day horror. What started out as an imaginary character, was also turned into a horror movie. Slender man always picked little children as his victims and was also very picky about choosing them. Here are some facts about slender man, his origin, myths, stories and creepy stuff associated with … Read more Facts About Slenderman

Facts About Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper)

Facts About Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper, aka, Jim Parsons was born in 1973 and is an Aries. He always wanted to be an actor as a child. In fact, he struggled with many small roles and productions before he finally got the role of Sheldon Cooper. The Show, “The Big Bang Theory” owes its success to the role of … Read more Facts About Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper)

Facts About Wonder Woman

facts about wonderwoman

Wonder woman as one of the three pillars of the DC Comics and also one of the greatest symbols of feminism. The latest movie on Wonder Woman featured Gal Gadot And was released in 2017. the story revolves around Diana/ Wonder Woman finding out that the world is much beyond the island she was born … Read more Facts About Wonder Woman

Facts About Slime

Facts About Slime

Watching satisfying videos of slime is a big craze on Instagram. Kids and adults, both enjoy playing with it. This oddly satisfying substance has more to it. When was the first slime made and who made it, what is slime made of, what are the different kinds of slime that exist today, here are some … Read more Facts About Slime