Facts About Carlos Fuentes

Facts About Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes was a Mexican short story writer born in 1928. Carlos Fuentes was awarded more than 15 with various international titles. His stories were based on psychological insight, realism and social protest. Here are some facts about Carlos Fuentes. Carlos Fuentes Early Life He was born on November 11, 1928, in Panama. His father … Read more Facts About Carlos Fuentes

Facts About Pablo Neruda

Facts About Pablo Neruda

Nobel Laureate and writer Gabriel García Márquez called Pablo Neruda “The greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language.” Pablo Neruda was one the greatest Chilean poets who published his first work at the young age of 19. Like many others, he too was not encouraged to pursue his passion for poetry because his … Read more Facts About Pablo Neruda

Facts About Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende was a Chilean Latin American journalist and professor. She was a creative writer and has written many fictional novels. She is a godchild of the late former president of Chile (1970 – 1973) Salvador Allende. She is one of the most celebrated and renowned fiction writer of Chile. Unearth more information and facts … Read more Facts About Isabel Allende

Facts About Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper)

Facts About Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper, aka, Jim Parsons was born in 1973 and is an Aries. He always wanted to be an actor as a child. In fact, he struggled with many small roles and productions before he finally got the role of Sheldon Cooper. The Show, “The Big Bang Theory” owes its success to the role of … Read more Facts About Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper)

Facts About Wonder Woman

facts about wonderwoman

Wonder woman as one of the three pillars of the DC Comics and also one of the greatest symbols of feminism. The latest movie on Wonder Woman featured Gal Gadot And was released in 2017. the story revolves around Diana/ Wonder Woman finding out that the world is much beyond the island she was born … Read more Facts About Wonder Woman

Facts About Slime

Facts About Slime

Watching satisfying videos of slime is a big craze on Instagram. Kids and adults, both enjoy playing with it. This oddly satisfying substance has more to it. When was the first slime made and who made it, what is slime made of, what are the different kinds of slime that exist today, here are some … Read more Facts About Slime

Happy Facts About Life

Everyone wants to be happy, but life consists of both ups and downs. Neverthless, life is a beautiful gift that should be cherished, because it only happens to us once. They say that happiness is a choice, it is actually true too. Despite being in difficult circumstances, one can try to stay positive. Here are … Read more Happy Facts About Life

Top 100 Facts in the World

Top 100 Facts in the World

If for some reason the sun stopped emitting light, on earth we would take 8 minutes to realize this Hypopomonstrosesquipedaliphobia fear of long words If you have itchy throat, scratch your ear, because when you touch the nerves of the ear, there is a reflex in the throat that causes the muscles to suffer a … Read more Top 100 Facts in the World

Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

Our life is full of opportunities, but because of too many overloads of work and tensions and thinking get into our ways and we are unable to utilise our opportunities. Changing our lives for better just like picking a destination and taking one step at a time to get there. we should avoid making shortcuts … Read more Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

The Pratfall Effect

The pratfall effect - How making mistakes make you more likable

Perfection in others intimidates most people and usually bad for interpersonal connect. Perfection raises an alarm and insecurity about your own imperfections and flaws. Flaws, mistakes, and imperfections in others “make them more likable”. This psychological effect is known as “Pratfall Effect”. What is the Pratfall Effect? The effect originally defined by Elliot Aronson says … Read more The Pratfall Effect

10 Deep Facts about Laughter

Facts about Laughter

Laughter can not only improve mood and make the heart happy. Some scientists believe and find the fact that laughter brings a myriad of health benefits as well as other things. What are some of the laughter facts you should know about? Let’s see them below. 1. Laughing is not necessarily because of a joke … Read more 10 Deep Facts about Laughter

Psychology Facts that will Blow your Mind

psychology facts

Our minds rule us. Our minds have been sculpted through years of evolution and learnings. The fears that were once rational back in time are no longer rational but we continue to have them. The human mind is beautifully complex that we still do not understand fully. So, here are some Psychology Facts to enlighten you … Read more Psychology Facts that will Blow your Mind