Blobfish Facts: Habitat, Appearance, Diet, Physical Adaptations

The Blobfish is a mysterious an interesting creature found in the depth of Australian and New Zealand coast they are very rare to find because they are only found in the deep sea where the water pressure is really high and the temperature is freezing. Due to its Peculiar physical appearance, the blobfish is voted the ugliest animal in the world. Nevertheless, this creature is interesting and here are some facts about blobfish.

Habitat of Blobfish

The Blobfish can be easily found in the deep sea waters along the coast of New Zealand Tasmania and Australia.  they inhabit the cold and dark places 1000 feet below in the ocean where no sunlight reaches. The temperature where they live are barely above the freezing point and the pressure is 100 times greater than the pressure at the sea level. Most blob fish cannot survive in an aquarium due to improper Habitat conditions.

Survival and Reproduction Facts About Blobfish

The Blobfish multiplies like any other fish species. the female blobfish lay thousands of eggs on the ocean floor. Until the eggs hatch both male and female blobfish got the eggs from enemies. The Blobfish can live up to 130 years. The Blobfish does not have any commercial value and cannot be used as pets. It is incapable of surviving under such conditions. They can only survive under deep sea.

Blobfish Diet, Preying and Hunting Facts

The Blobfish has very few and weak muscles which is why its body morphology limits it from swimming and hunting for its prey. It is believed that it floats around the ocean floor and wait for its food. Its food includes a floating Marine crab, dead Biomass or larvae. It has a huge Mouse which is why slow moving creators like sea slugs sea urchins and snails can easily fall into its mouth.

Blobfish Species and Family Facts

The blobfish belongs to the family Psychrolutidae.

Blobfish Physical Features and Adaptations

Most of the fish around the world have an organ known as swim bladder or pool bubble. This swim bladder allows the fish to swim and maneuver without sinking.  however, the blobfish does not have this organ which is why it is only found in the depth of the sea. The reason why the high pressure does not Crush it is that it has a jelly-like body. Most fish under this much pressure will explode. This fish uses textured meat like gelatin and utilizes high air pressure on the sea floor to keep swimming. So when the fish is lifted to the surface, the meat that can make it float becomes soft.

The fish has a soft cartilage similar to a shark, which narrows at sea under extreme water pressure, without breaking. In addition, it has very few muscles, only enough to perform basic functions such as feeding, opening the gills to breathe and floating above the seabed. In fact, it has a sticky mass, the density of which is slightly lower than that of water, to improve natural buoyancy while consuming very little energy.

Why Is Blobfish Popular?

This ugly fish is famous throughout the world thanks to a Blobfish fish named Mr. Blobby who was appointed ashore by the NORFANZ expedition team in the waters of New Zealand in 2003.

More Interesting and Fun Facts About Blobfish

  1. The Blobfish can grow up to 12 inches long.
  2. The Blobfish does not have any teeth or a well-formed skeleton. This is the reason why blobfish can survive in the deep waters.
  3. It was named the world’s ugliest animal in 2013.
  4. The Blobfish does not look this ugly in its natural habitat. it only looks ugly when it is brought out and is kept under the normal pressure. It looks like any other fish in deep water.
  5. It is also true that the flesh of the Blobfish is less dense than water.
  6. The Blobfish cannot be kept as a pet because they need high pressure to survive.
  7. Although it is known that The Blobfish Lays eggs but it is not known how exactly they reproduce or mate.

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