bizarre facts about North Korea

Bizarre Facts That Sum Up North Korea

Owning computers is illegal in North Korea unless you have the government permission. Only 1,000 people in entire North Korea have access to the internet. Wherever the internet is available, it is strictly monitored where access is granted to access only a limited number of websites.

As per the CIA, the literacy rate in North Korea is 100%. 

In North Korea, a film was once made to show how the Koreans were oppressed in Japan. The North Koreans who saw the movie decided that their life would be much better in Japan.

Meth is extremely common in North Korea that people frequently drink it during the day. Some people take it for curing cold, some for back pain and some for reducing hunger.

North Korea has a black market of Choco Pies from South Korea. South Korea supplies the Choco Pies to North Korea via helium balloons. In fact, a North Korean soldier defected North Korea in 2017 and got an unlimited supply of Choco Pie.

Hundreds of people were parachuted into North Korea by the CIA to begin resistance network. However, the CIA never heard from those people again.

North Korea owes $322 million to Sweden since 1974 because it ordered 1,000 volvos. Sweden even sends a reminder to pay the debt every few months.

Kim Jung-II first played golf in 1994 at North Korea’s only golf club. He shot a 38-under par round with fewer than 11 holes in one. He immediately decided to retire from the sport after this.

Due to lack of technology, North Korea cannot access the trillion dollars worth of minerals in its boundary.

North Korea and South Korea used to send attack threats to each other using fax until 2013.

North Korea played K-Pop song “Hit your heart” loudly on the South Korea border after sinking a South Korean warship in 2010.

South Korean Christians, as a goodwill gesture put up a Christmas tree that was visible from the North Korean border. North Korea took it as a tool of psychological warfare.

Kim Jung has a squad of pretty girls, also called “Section 5 girls”, who are selected for entertainment and mostly sexual pleasure. They are selected at an age as young as 13, continuously screened and tested until the age of 16 and then trained. Between 17 – 24, they are stationed at various holiday homes.

If a North Korean manages to escape to South Korea, they are immediately granted citizenship.

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