Facts about bats misunderstood and adorable

Bat Facts that prove that Bats are Most Adorable and Misunderstood Creatures

The swift and agile mammals are the only mammals that can fly. They navigate in their own unique way which makes them even more fascinating. So, what are the

Facts that make them adorable

  • They’re tiny and furry.
  • They have button eyes.
  • They sleep upside down.
  • They don’t know why humans are scared of them.
  • Bats adopt other bat babies.
  • Bats are very sociable. Millions of bats live in the same home.

Facts that make them unique

Facts about bats misunderstood and adorable

  • Bats sleep upside down
  • Only mammals capable of flying.
  • They are very clever.
  • They are a member of the lemur family.
  • Some species of bats are named as “Flying foxes”, or the “Fruit bat”.
  • Bats can live upto 25 years.

Probable reasons why people are scared of them

  • There is a type of bat known as “Vampire bat”. This is the only species that could be dangerous. It is found in Australia.
  • Bats are black and the black color is considered as a bad omen. Probably the reason why black cats, crows and ravens have a bad name too.
  • Some bat diseases can be contagious to humans. Well, in that case, don’t touch injured or dying bats.

How Bats are beneficial for the Planet

Facts about bats misunderstood and adorable

  • Bats are insect-eating machines.
  • One small bat can eat as many as 1,000 insects in an hour.
  • They eat the insects that cause crop damage.
  • They pollinate the flowers that only bloom at night!
  • Bats eat mosquitos and, insects, and these mosquitos and insects are apparently dangerous to humans.

So, can you pet a bat?

Facts about bats misunderstood and adorable

  • NO
  • Bats are wild creatures. They don’t ‘enjoy’ human company like dogs do.
  • They fall extremely lonely if a human pets them.
  • Being confined is extremely depressing for them.
  • So, don’t pet them just because you think it’s cool.
  • It doesn’t make you cool. It makes you stupid.

Bats are basically harmless and cute. So, be logical and don’t spread any rumors mentioning that bats are harmful or are bad omens.

So, keep calm and love bats!





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