6 People Who Loved Nature and Solitude Too Much

6 People Who Loved Nature and Solitude Too Much

There are people who love solitude too much that they’d go to any extent to just be with themselves doing their own things. Often called creative and living in their ‘own worlds’, these people are the heroes of their own lives. Here’s a list of people who loved being solitude way too much.

1. Richard Proenneke

Richard Proenneke lived alone for 30 years in Alaska in a cabin he constructed on his own. He fished and hunted his own for all these years and sometimes also received supply from outside. He returned to normal life at the age of 82 and died of a stroke a few years later.

During his life, he worked as a heavy equipment operator for Naval Air Station. He also was an exceptionally skilled mechanic, but his love for nature and the wild inspired him to spend his life close to nature

2. Chris McCandless 

Chris McCandless was an academically excellent student who spent his life in the wild. Despite the riches he was born him, the truth about his father stirred McCandless’ love towards solitude and being alone in nature.

During his time in Alaska, he made many friends but hid his real name. He survived with the help of books that recorded edible plants in Alaska. Ultimately, he died of starvation during his final hike in Alaska.

3. Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell lived many years of his life with the bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska. According to Tim, his time spend with bears helped him get rid of his addiction to alcohol and drugs. A movie documented on his time with the bears depicted that he was attacked by a grizzly bear. The movie is “Grizzly Man”.

4. Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight is known for living without any human contact for 27 years. He survived by committing approximately 1,000 burglaries. He survived for these many years in the harsh winters Maine. For his skills to remain hidden, commit burglaries and survive the winters, he was widely acclaimed by many.

5. Thoreau

Thoreau, an American author & philospher was one of the people who loved their solitude. While writing his book “Walden”, he lived in isolation in his cabin in Massachusetts. Although Thoreau wasn’t as extreme as the others on the list. He returned to his normal life after he completed his book.

6. Noah John Rondeau

Noah John Rondeau was ironically well-known for his love of solitude. At the age of 46, he declared that the world’s standards didn’t match his and began living alone in the Cold River Area in New York. However, he welcomed the visitors and also played the violin to entertain them. During his years of solitude from 1914 to 1929, he claimed himself to be the Mayor of the ‘Cold River City.’ He had two cabins, one to store his supplies and another where he lived, cooked, and slept. He died at the age of 73.

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