20 Surprising Facts About Happiness

  1. 7 Minutes of Exercise Makes You Happy. Exercising releases Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in your brain responsible for a “Happy State of Mind”.

  2. Smile to increase your Happiness. That’s right. You automatically smile when you’re happy. The reverse is true too! By smiling, you trick your brain into believing that everything is perfect.

  3. Being Grateful increases Happiness. “Count your Blessings” is another way of saying it. Whenever you feel knocked down, think of all the good things you achieved in past, think of all the good things in your life and feel grateful for everything good in your life.

  4. Helping Others Make You Happy. I’m not asking you to become all altruistic and sacrifice yourself to the “society”. But do things for people that you value, no matter how simple your help is. You will feel great about yourself.

  5. Eating Chili instantly Cheers You Up. When you eat chili, your mouth burns, your eyes start to water and what not! But to counterbalance the effect chili had on you, your body releases “endorphin”, also known as the “Feel Good Hormone”. It is released to soothe the effects of pain. That in turn also cheers you up!

  6. Happiness is a Choice. Despite the odds, you can still choose to be happy. Because there are times when you just have to accept the truth.

  7. Sunlight makes You Happy. Your body responds to seeing sunlight by releasing “Serotonin”. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that handles your mood and social behaviour. That’s why some people living in places that don’t get enough sunlight suffer from “Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)”.

  8. Watching “Greenery” make you “Feel Good”. Humans are programmed through centuries to love greenery. Greenery means life. Greenery means happiness.

  9. Listening to your Favourite Music has been directly linked to Increasing Happiness. Several researches have shown that music has the same effect on the human brain as some drugs. Listening to music also releases “Dopamine”.

  10. Pet Owners are Happier. Coming home to your pet and watching it jump on you, follow you around everywhere definitely increases happiness. It is also a well-known fact that dogs can sense when their owner is sad, and they try their best to make them happy.

  11. The Older You are, the Happier You are. 
    People between the age of 18-30 have been reported as highly stressed. Whereas, stress levels decrease as we move up the age.

  12. Dancing and Singing act as Mood Boosters. Both of these are one of the best ways to express your emotions. Additionally, both singing and dancing release “Endorphin”, which as already discussed is “feel good” hormone.

  13. Writing a Journal helps in Relaxation. It’s very rare to have a person that listens to you and understands you. But when you don’t have that person, writing down is the best way to let it all out.

  14. Having a Hobby boosts Happiness. Swimming, knitting, reading, driving – whatever you like. Taking some time out to do things that you love ensures that you get your daily dose of happiness.

  15. Stupid People are Happier than Smarter People. 
    Now don’t push yourself to feel sad because you’re smart. Stupid people think less. Smart people think more, which very quickly escalates to overthinking. Hence, avoid overthinking, keep busy, and stay happy!

  16. Warmth increases Happiness. Be it a hot shower, or a bear hug from your loved one, or jumping into your bed with cozy blankets, warmth makes you happier!

  17. Having a Goal will keep you Happy. Long story short – Having a goal saves you from “Existential Dread”

  18. Eating Healthy makes you Happy. For you to be happy, your brain has to be happy. For your brain to be happy, it needs healthy food! Eating a healthy food full of nutrition will keep your brain up and running. And you deserve that!

  19. Happiness isn’t just about “Being Happy”. Ups and Downs will always be there in your life. That’s what life is about, and that’s what keeps it interesting. The triumph lies in your effort to fight the “downs” and reach the “ups”.

  20. Happy People are Luckier. When you’re happy, you get positive vibes, you think and act clearly. And that’s just what makes you Lucky.

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