Random Scientific Facts

15 Random Scientific Facts to Increase Your Knowledge

1. As per Science, it is was the egg that came before chicken. Because the first egg was laid by a bird, not a chicken. The first egg was laid more than 312 million years ago and evolution led to development of chickens.

2. Laser never removes the tattoo. The job of the laser is to break down the tattoo so that defensive white blood cells can remove it. You basically poop the tattoo out.

3.Those white worms you see when looking at the bright blue sky are actually your own white blood cells, whose job is to protect your body from parasites.

4. The sun isn’t yellow, but white. When all the colors of light are combined, they make white light. It is the molecules of Earth’s atmosphere that make it look yellow from low altitudes.

5. Birds can breathe perfectly even at high altitudes because their respiratory system is designed to exhale and breathe at the same time, thus making their breathing much more efficient.

6. Men have nipples even though they stay unused throughout their life because the sex of the embryo is assigned much later. When the Y chromosome is absent, the embryo becomes a male when the female’s reproductive organs are turned into the male ones.

7. There is a disease, where simply eating carbohydrates make a person drunk. This is because the person’s digestive system converts the carbohydrates into alcohol.

8. Jellyfish are the longest surviving species on Earth and have survived five mass extinctions. The jellyfish do not have a brain, a circulatory system, a respiratory system, or digestive enzymes.

9. Elephants fart quite often and they can release as much as 2,000 liters of methane in a day.

10. In a unique method of self defense, sea cucumbers vomit out their digestive system and then grow it back.

11. 300 million years ago, the bacteria could not decompose dead trees. It was 60 million years later that bacteria began decomposing wood. This was how coal was formed of dead wood compressed under immense pressure for millions of years.

13. Axolotls are unique species that can regenerate their limbs, organs and even their brain. This species is immune to cancer but is however critically endangered due to high number of predators.

14. Hangover makes you wake up early because the body fails to generate a neurotransmitter named GABA. GABA is what ensures you complete your sleep.

15. During the REM sleep, neurotransmitters in your body slow down resulting in slower blood flow, which results in morning wood in men. At the same time, it helps control urination at night.

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