amazing potato facts

13 Fun Facts About Potatoes

1. Potatoes are very good at absorbing radiation. They can help you protect your phone from being tracked. To implement it, you can put your phone in a bag of potato chips. Aluminum foil along with potatoes will do a good job of preventing any radiation leaving or reaching your phone.

2. Potatoes are still alive when you buy them. Unlike most other fruits or vegetables, potatoes do not die when you pluck them but enter a dormant state. When given warmth and moisture, they will start sprouting. They are best kept in a dark, cool, and dry place.

3. If you have 100 kg of potatoes that contain 99% water and dehydrate them to containing 98% water, you will find that the weight of potatoes is now 50 kg. This is called the potato paradox.

4. Potato is the first crop to be grown in space. In 1995, NASA grew and tested seed potatoes aboard the Columbia space shuttle in 1995. With the help of China, NASA also grew Quantum Tubers that can be grown in as little as 50 days instead of an average 150 days for potatoes.

5. In the 18th century, a horse was named Potoooooooo. His actual name was “Potato”. However, a stable boy misspelled the name he heard and wrote it as “Pot” followed by “8 Os”. The owner of the horse was very amused and chose to keep the name of his horse Potoooooooo, or its short, “Pot8o”.

6. Hate the lack of potato chips and too much air in your bag of chips? A group of college students in Korea protested it by building a raft of potato chip bags and sailing across the river, just to prove how much air there in the potato chips.

7. There is a plant called “TomTato” that is a mix of potato and tomato. The plant has potatoes growing beneath the ground and tomatoes above the ground. This plant is also called the “Ketchup n Fries “ plant.

amazing potato facts

8. Potato is more than just an ingredient to make french fries and hash browns. The raw potato was used by the Incan civilization to treat broken bones, clear blemishes, and soothe a toothache.

9. The cooking time of potato used to be a unit of measuring time for the Incans. The unit was the time it took to cook a potato completely. 

10. Potato plants grow a gruit that looks like tiny green tomatoes. They contain high amounts of solanine that is poisonous and can cause diarrhea and headache.

11. A bag of potato chips ingested on a daily basis will give you more radiation than living next to a nuclear plant. However, you are more likely to die of cholesterol and salt in the chips than from the radiation in them.

12. Potatoes have more chromosomes than human beings. Also that humans can survive on a diet of just potatoes. Potatoes have all the vital nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. An all-potato diet will, however, lead to mineral and vitamin deficiency.

13. The largest potato in the world weight 3.76 kg (8 lbs).

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