Facts about Laughter

10 Deep Facts about Laughter

Laughter can not only improve mood and make the heart happy. Some scientists believe and find the fact that laughter brings a myriad of health benefits as well as other things. What are some of the laughter facts you should know about? Let’s see them below.

1. Laughing is not necessarily because of a joke

Humans can actually laugh while they are talking with their friends, not because there is a joke thrown.

A research was conducted by observing people’s conversations at a random mall. Of the 1,200 laughter of participants people at in the mall, it was only about 10 percent of laughter that was originally produced because there was a joke that tickled. The rest of the laughter was invoked by looking at other people’s laughter.

Laughter is also useful to strengthen bonds with one another or in groups. Yes, humans often laugh at the words and comments of the other person who may not always be funny. Laughter can also be a form of communication, not just a reaction.

2. Couples who often laugh together have a lasting relationship

A study cum research was conducted in which marriage partners were called upon and each partner was asked to discuss something that makes the other very upset about his partner.

The result was found that couples who discuss while laughing and smiling can feel better at handling their emotions. Then with a laugh, the couple also felt a higher level of satisfaction in their love affair that leads to a more lasting relationship.

3. Laughter is “contagious”

When you see people laugh, sometimes you feel you can not help but laugh or smile. Even when you do not know what’s funny, seeing other people laugh alone can make you amused yourself. It happens because the brain monitors the activity created by the muscles in the faces of others.

When there are people laughing, the part of your brain called the premotor cortex will automatically move the muscles in the face, just like the person who is laughing. This is because your brain can respond to the laughter of others by imitating the same expression, even without your consciousness. So not infrequently, you will find yourself laughing while seeing other people laugh.

4. Laughing can burn calories

Ever heard that laughing can burn calories? Yes, with a laugh for 10-15 minutes, 40 calories from your body can burn just like that. When laughing there will be an increase in heart rate and greater oxygen usage. All these physical reactions require energy, so the body will burn more calories than when you’re silent.

5. Laughing more gives a healthy body

Study after study has shown the health benefits of laughter. An example is a study that shows that laughter can improve the memory of adults in their 60s and 70s.

Watching a comedy film can improve blood vessel function and increase blood flow to the brain. This is certainly healthy your cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels). Facts about other’s laughter also show that laughter is beneficial in boosting immunity, helping to regulate blood sugar levels and improve sleep patterns.

6. Laughter is Natural

Laughter is an inbuilt reaction, which usually develops in infants around the age of three to four months. It’s completely genetic. Laughter is a physiological response that activates a large number of beneficial reactions of the body. It is the whole body process that has many benefits for our health and well-being. We bet you didn’t know that fact about laughter!

7. Laughter relaxes Nerves

Laughing makes a person relax or relax and calm the nerves. It can rid the burden of the mind, rebalance, tension, worry, frustration, and calm our lives.

Laughter reduces fear and renews itself to stabilize situations and problems. It brings new perspectives and energy from old habits.

8. Laughing makes you more attractive

Laughing relaxes the facial muscles and gives him a funny and firm appeal. Women generally prefer men with a good sense of humor and the ones that make them laugh a lot. This is why most men, instinctively try hard to crack a joke on a date.

9. Humans are the Only Species who can Cry and Laugh

It is a well-known fact that on this earth, only humans who are awarded can laugh and cry at once. No other creature has these two things at once. In contrast to apes that can only laugh, while camels can only cry.

Although we can judge by the expressions of animals like dogs whether they are happy or upset about something, no other species is quite as capable as us when it comes to judging other’s emotions.

10. Laughing lowers Blood Pressure

Laughing can protect your heart. Some evidence points out that the effects of laughter, giggling, or laughing out loud can reduce stress hormones such as cortisol while reducing blood pressure. This means laughter can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Which is why people who laugh more are healthier than people who frown and worry. A few minutes of laughter can lower down stress levels and release the hormones that lead to the soothing of tensed muscles.

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